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May 9, 2016


Humanus is the amalgamation of high level initiatives to build a functional and effective global Reconstruction Project matrix and funding source. To this end, the Humanus Corporations, Trusts and Foundations, in concert with the DragonsHeart Foundations and Trusts, the Humanus SenateKeyStone Kids Trusts and Foundations,  Landa China Development Investment Corporation,Zeta, Phoenix Voyage, Rekom Trust, Metro Finance, and other organizations, corporations, trusts, foundations and NGOs have been authorized to deliver Project support and fundings to Projects and other initiatives, and to deliver specific solutions to immediate requirements of critical global situations for the benefit of our Humanity.  Funding is provided by sister Foundations, Trusts, and specialized Financial Institutions in concert with Humanus. 


Humanus intends to be a global leader for the funding and deployment of Humanitarian and Economic Development initiatives through the provisioning of advanced technologies and services for the benefit of our Humanity.


  1. Reconstruction Of The Planet Earth As The Main House Of The Human Species
  2. Develop Better Use And Care Of The Resources Of The Planet Earth And Others
  3. Improve The Habitat Of The Planet Earth And Remediate The Environment
  4. Improve The Quality Of Life For The Human Species And End Poverty
  5. Clean And Improve The Waters Of The Planet Earth
  6. Development Of New Frontiers For The Human Species Both Inside And Outside Of The Planet Earth
  7. Provide Financial Support To The Inhabitants Of The Planet Earth
  8. Provide For Humanitarian Projects
  9. Provide For Economic Development Projects
  10. Provide For Advanced Food Production Projects
  11. Provide For Advanced Housing Projects
  12. Provide For Production Of New Green Energy Sources
  13. Provide For Construction Of Future Cities
  14. Provide For New Transportation Systems
  15. Develop New Industrial Concepts
  16. Develop New Industrial Manufacturing Techniques
  17. Development And Provision Of Advanced Medicine
  18. Development And Provision Of Advanced Technologies
  19. Development And Provision Of Advanced Education Models
  20. Develop and Deploy Advanced Scientific Research And Developments
  21. Development And Provision Of Employment In Advanced Fields
  22. Develop And Provide New Opportunities For The Human Species


Humanus takes its name from hūmanus: of people, human. The primary focus of Humanus is our Humanity, this planet we live on, and the benefit thereof in all of its global efforts. Our children are at the center of all our activities, as they are our future and deserve all the support we can possibly provide for their development. Our secondary focus is our seniors and their care, as we honor our past and foundation of who we are now. 

The process of Life depends most of all on one element: water. This is the basis of all that lives, and must be returned to its pristine state after decades of disregard. Our waters are poisoned, and it is our collective effort that will return our waters to their original state. Healthy living water is the first primary concern of Humanus, and we have been provided great technologies through the DragonsHeart Foundation & Trust, Technology Division to help remediate and restore this lifeblood of all things living. 

All things are sacred and to be respected. This essential premise lies at the roots of Humanus, and how we are built. A great Love for all sentient entities is observed without color of any form. Humanus is apolitical, non-religious, and does not engage in any causes other than our Humanity and its wellbeing. 

Secondary targeted sectors for current Humanus activities focus on Academia, Medical and Healthcare, Food, Power and Shelter. Humanus scientists, doctors, engineers, and business leaders are the epitome of global excellence in their respective disciplines. Together, their mutual interface have combined to form a truly remarkable force for world change in the most peaceful manner conceivable in today’s times. 

Full financial support from the Humanus Trust and Foundation, DragonsHeart Foundation and Trust, Landa China Development Investment Corporation, the Chinese Royal Family, and the European Royal families has given Humanus the ability to flow funds for any and all appropriate and compliant funding requests on a global basis. Fundings are estimated to surpass the 100 billion mark within 2016, and are expected to approach or exceed the trillion mark in the next year.



Humanus Security has identified unauthorized representatives of Humanus attempting to solicit up-front fees from potential Project applicants. Humanus does not require any up-front fees of any sort for its services and Project fundings. If you are a Project proponent and are asked for up-front fees, please contact us immediately and inform your local police.