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CASPER ON 5/5/16

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Well foo didley.

I open the computer and there I am all over the place. I have been very quiet for some time, busy with personal stuff. Besides, Mercury is retrograde and Jupiter (planet of good fortune) is square Saturn (planet of difficult lessons). The last thing I had to say was to report my vivid, gut-wrenching, terrible dream a few nights before Christmas which said, “great disappointment will continue”.  Now we enter the fifth month since then, the only dream I have reported in twenty years of writing.

Yes, Crayford and I have been to the mat, so to speak, several times over the years. WE did a “Best Efforts’ investigation of OITC several years ago and posted  the results. Except to mention them in the context of who are the claimants of the Collateral Accounts WE have not addressed them or anything Crayford has had to say in recent years (speaking from memory here).  My personal opinion of Crayford was also stated publically. I admire the man. I think he has done a remarkably good job in presenting his client’s case (OITC) to the public. He has been entirely consistent, clear and professional in his efforts. I do not agree with the several commentators who have attacked him personally. We had a good brawl off and on for a few years, not a world championship bout, just an ongoing public argument over time. That was long ago. If you want to read it look it up. Now to the point of this notice to Crayford.

Hi David, still seeing and reading all your stuff. I have never posted to Wikipedia or even been there to read anything. The article you reference, linked on RMN, from reader Casper, was not written by me although it does appear to extrapolate some things from updates written by me years ago. Our OITC investigation with the U.N., the U.N. General Counsels office and others  for example. I am not ‘reader Casper’ and have no idea who that might be. I did not write the Wikipedia article.

WE still don’t agree with your interpretation about source funds for Prosperity Programs or Currency Revaluations but saw no point in continuing the debate.

Best wishes to you and yours,

Casper (the real one).