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Subject: Casper--- another opinion piece

Five times WE reported to you Obama’s statements that he would never allow the American people to receive significant funds. That was not one event reported five times. It was five separate refusals to allow the ‘funding’s’ to occur as passed along to us from D.C. sources. Now, more recently, someone has ‘posted’ that Obama made exactly the same statement to the World Court adding “not as long as I am President”. As the delays continue with excuses bounced back and forth between Washington and Iraq almost daily, perhaps you can now understand where the problem is and has always been. Since OUR last update 3 months and 10 days ago the internet and even the MSM are confirming many of the things WE reported to you in the past. The arming and training of ISIS, for example, by the CIA on orders from Obama is now in print. The gun-running through Benghazi by Obama and Hillary as we reported 3 years ago is now in print. The sell-out of our country, its people and it’s military secrets to other countries by both Clinton's for personal gain, as WE reported several times. The recent ‘discovery’ of the ‘overprinting’ of Dinar, something WE have harped on for more than two years asking time and again ‘why, if they intend to R.V. at $3.00 or more would they continue to distribute Dinar worldwide @ 1166 in unlimited quantities’ pointing out that no one, no bank, has the money necessary to do such an exchange and if the funds should be created from ‘thin air’ it would amount to the intentional debasement of the USD, not to mention six months of legislative changes declaring bank deposits the property of the bank or the new G-20 rules saying Bank Deposits ‘are no longer to be considered money’. They even reversed the already passed Dodd Frank Legislation to once again make depositors liable should your bank fail. Certain Guru’s continue to believe and report that their Govt. Sources, Treasury and Agency sources are their friends, our friends, and are working to get this done. WE have twenty years of experience with those lying dogs and not once have found them to be doing anything to help the American people. APR (as previously reported) WE have been aware of their devastating lies for way more than a decade as we watched our friends die while holding on and hoping against hope their lies would not be lies. Our intel comes from their own family members, secretly of course. They are paid to lie and know what they are doing. WE have confronted them in past years receiving the standard reply, ‘we are doing what we are paid to do’. They think their evil deeds are unknown to their families but they are wrong.

There are ‘teams’ of liars, highly paid to lead people and GURU’S around with a ring in their noses including OUR noses for several years. Long time readers must surely recognize the steady flow of ‘inside intel’ from our updates even though confirmations may be years in coming. In our last update 3 months ago we informed you of Obama’s orders not to bomb ISIS headquarters in Syria and not to attack their leadership. Now you see it in print with extensive coverage by the talking heads. Very few ‘sorties’ are being flown daily and 75% of those return to base with their bombs and no weapons fired. The reason? Orders from Obama. No pilot can attack the enemy without his permission and by the time it comes hours later, if at all, the Terrorist have long since finished roasting their marsh mellows around their fire and disbursed and the pilots, now out of fuel, return to base only to repeat the same charade again the next day, and the next, and the next. ISIS belongs to Obama. A river of blood, beheadings, rapes and crucifixions, children cut in half in front of their parents. You can’t imagine the suffering so don’t try. Isis has now spread to nine countries while Obama protects their flank and their leadership. Here’s a news flash for you. ISIS is inside Baghdad. Suicide bombings have been going on there for two weeks. APR (as previously reported), IMO, ISIS is Obama’s ‘fail-safe’ mechanism. If his sabotage from within the system ever fails ISIS is on standby, roasting marsh mellows while laughing at the held in check planes overhead.

As mentioned before I hold Dinar/Dong as Insurance in case we are wrong. WE want the Guru’s to be right and pray often for things to work out as everyone has been led to believe.

As you have surely observed without our help the delays are coming in ever greater increments of time. Take the Zap/Poof reports for example, not that they personally have anything to do with the delays which they most certainly do not. For months the delays reported by Zap were daily delays (not going out Tuesday after all but will be Thursday).  Then they became weekly (new Docs needed, Paymaster out of town, Chinese New Year, etc.) not this week, now next week. Now they have gone to monthly delays, ‘not in May after all, will be June, hoping for first half’. And so it is with all items of a ‘funding’ nature, across the board, without exception. “One delay all delay” (Casperisim #1 from 20 years ago). As WE have said many times, all the ‘make ready’ in the world means nothing until the Cabal (Banks) and its flunky Politicians (Obama) are forced to say ‘uncle’. Meanwhile the sale of the ever more worthless by the day Dinar and Dong (intentional debasement by over printing and distribution) continues worldwide as the flow of ‘real’ money moves from the pockets of the innocent (speculators) into the coffers of UST and CBI and their network of ‘salesmen’. And the Banks, which first said scam and now say yes, us too?  They are Cabal owned. Without ‘fractional’ (loaning non- existent ‘money’ into existence) they are little more than the cleaner and laundry or sub-sandwich shop sharing the same strip shopping center.

It’s the same old WAR described here a thousand times, FIAT vs something new. Many say China is behind ‘the new’ and getting ‘it’ done. In the visible tangible world China is fully cooperating with the Fiat world and will be included in the SDR basket in October which is nothing more than a continuation of Fiat at a higher level. Meanwhile Q.E. (debt expansion/fiat continuation) is ongoing throughout the Western World with the Fed using half a dozen countries-secretly-to continue their purchases of Treasuries in order to keep Obama rolling in his Trillion Dollar annual deficits and the Fraudulent Fiat Financial Debt Ponzi SCAM spinning, not to mention the need to cover all the stealing and thievery  in D.C.. And China, the one being counted on especially by Dinarians to ‘fix it’?  China is once again buying Treasuries, U.S. Fiat Debt Instruments and supporting Obama and the Banking Cabal. In fact, reports last week say China has replaced Japan as the second most prolific buyer behind only the Fed itself which didn’t stop with the Brussels Con Job (400++ billion secret Fed purchases of Treasuries)  but now, as reported above, is now using half a dozen Cabal Ruled countries to continue its secret purchases. This is the real world folks. There may be reasons WE are not smart enough to discern but on the face of it the U.S. and China are in full blown cooperation regarding the indefinite extension of Fiat, Fractional and the Status Quo.

Now, before leaving the world of High Finance allow me to place a bee in your bonnet. If there is a Plan B eventually forthcoming as many report and it is electronic in nature as many report, is that not ‘The Mark of the Beast’?  Total and absolute control by Big Brother? Want groceries? Be a good little robotic supporter of World Government or find that your card does not work.  

This week the White House said Obama’s ISIS campaign is a success. Meanwhile more tens of thousands of refugees running from ISIS hit the roadways on foot, carrying their children and belongings with them. Tens of thousands dead, slaughtered actually, because our pacifist, pitiful, pathetic excuse for a man, for a President, has allowed it to happen. The suffering is unimaginable. This is the American legacy for Iraq and for the Americans who previously died to stop evil barbarians from crucifying and beheading innocents. Obama is the greatest coward in American history. He is PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for an Olympic sized swimming pool of innocent blood. Obama’s shame is our shame as a nation and as a people. While Guru’s constantly tell you ISIS is under control they now control ten times the area as a year ago and are now operating inside Baghdad and the United States. Obama armed and trained ISIS as documents now confirm and is virtually ‘inviting’ them into the U.S. while Liberals chew their cuds and prepare to vote for Hillary, perhaps the most evil woman in American history. She and her serial rapist pedophile husband have sold enough ‘favors’ and U.S. military secrets to have collected 1.9 BILLION DOLLARS from foreign governments and Corporate Interest such as Monsanto, ninety percent of which they pocketed personally. Where do you think Chelsea got ten million dollars for her New York apartment? This week it was disclosed Hillary accepted another 26 million from Swedish Businesses to exempt them from Iranian Sanctions where they were doing major business deals with these Clinton payoffs warehoused in Sweden.  More than 70 people close to the Clinton's are dead under mysterious circumstances, all their body guards, all those trying to bring forward drug running evidence, kids dead on railroad tracks in Mena, many women RAPED by Bill, Vince Foster (killed inside the White House according to one source, in the parking lot according to another) and so much more from Hillary’s multiple refusals of security for our people in Benghazi to her destruction of her E-Mails to Bills last act in office pardon of Marc Rich-International Financial Crimes-Vince Foster was the bag man/runner between the Clinton's and Rich).  It was long ago but not so long that we don’t remember reporting to you the Clinton's sale of our military secrets to China. The net is full of reports regarding a two and a half mile wide Comet headed toward earth. If this were true, and you are God, would you lift a finger to stop it?  How can such WHITE TRASH, rejected by the people of their own home town (Hope, Ark.) rise to power in our country? Because PATHOLOGICAL LIARS and CON-ARTIST are the heart and soul of the Democrat Party- and- because the vast majority of their constituents, 43% of the electorate, have not a clue about the world beyond their noses. This excludes of course the Limousine Liberals, where money and Political Favors are completely interchangeable. The only honest Democrats are the Welfare Recipients who know who they are, why they vote as they do and are, by and large, honest about it. Does it sound like I am recommending the Republicans?  Hell No. They are simply the ‘right wing’ of the same political party, The Establishment Party. Actually I do not believe Obama was ‘elected’ the second time, perhaps not even the first or that Hillary will be ‘elected’. I believe our Presidents are SELECTED by the CFR and the CABAL and the Diebold Voting Machines which report as they are preprogrammed to report. I do not believe the majority of the American People are as blind or stupid as the election results suggest they are. Only the LIARS, CON-ARTIST and the ‘CONTROLABLE’ (blackmail able) can rise to power and be ‘elected’, is my opinion. Do you recall who taught us this lesson, applicable throughout history but especially true today? He discussed with us in great detail the degenerate nature of Americas political structure where those who attempt to bring forth the truth or dare to be honest are punished, persecuted and even killed, and only the filthiest of the filthy can survive?  Christopher Story.   ‘None are so blind as those who will not see’. 


·        Recently, Obama orders Iran, Hezbollah and The Muslim Brotherhood removed from the terror watch list.

·        Obama sent his own campaign operatives to Israel in an attempt to defeat Netanyahu in the recent Israel election.

·        Obama is proceeding toward signing a deal with Iran which gives them a clear path to obtain Nukes in unlimited quantities while simultaneously lifting all economic sanctions.

·        Obama is by-passing Congress which will not be allowed to vote, while obtaining U.N. (NWO) approval of his actions. (Congressional Republicans are fighting this).

·        Obama is empowering the Iran led Caliphate throughout the mid-east setting up the preconditions for ‘Armageddon’.

·        How to destroy America from within? Spend it into oblivion taught Obama’s professors at Colombia. Obama has increased our debt more than all previous Presidents combined.

·        Meeting in White House recently, Obama, Fed Res, SEC, CFTC, Fed Housing Agency, others.  “Spooky”  says observers. Warnings—Flash Crash of Dollar.  Billions move into ‘tangibles’.

·        Hillary, appointed by Obama, deletes e-mails in ongoing Benghazi cover-up. Sixty plus, plus, plus associates of Clinton's deceased, unnatural causes, including Vince Foster who put himself in a ditch in Fort Marcy Park and shot himself in the back of the head.

·        From the most incompetent President in American history to the most evil female on the planet as President, for no reason other than being female?  Boy howdy, those Democrats and their constituents know how to pick em don’t

·        The All Seeing Eye atop the pyramid on the dollar bill? We have arrived have we not? Phones, e-mails, Internet, cameras, even our T.V.’s watching us watch it. Total Control capped by the All Seeing Eye. America, home of the free gone forever.  

·        Obama has virtually destroyed our relationships with our traditional allies, Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan. UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, on and on goes the list, while embracing all things Muslim including terrorist such as ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, etc., and the worst terrorist country of them all, Iran. All enabled and made possible by the Democrat Party (LIBERALS) and their exceptionally uninformed voting constituency.

·        The Border Patrol testified before Congress recently that if they arrest or take into custody large groups of illegal aliens crossing the border they are, on orders of Obama, punished for doing so. TESTIFIED. UNDER OATH.

·        If Obama were to acknowledge, on International Television, that he is the anti-Christ, Democrats would still vote for him.

·        Obama is the greatest LIAR to ever occupy the oval office. The second greatest LIAR, Clinton, waits in the wings.  

·         Lawless, sleazy, disgusting, dishonorable, liars, hypocrites, scoundrels, traitors, money grubbers, corrupt, criminal, incompetent, deplorable, pitiful, shameless, dishonest, miscreants, unprincipled, irresponsible, political whores. Words that describe Obama or Hillary?  BOTH. That’s why they are BOTH true and perfect representatives of the Democrat side of the Establishment Party.

·        Unprincipled, disgusting, cowardly, pathetic, wimps, sissy’s, traitors, cowardly, shills, pawns, money grubbers, corrupt, criminal, political whores, traitors. Words that describe the Republican side of the Establishment Party.

·        Those who have entered our country illegally should not be allowed to vote, EVER. Those who are on Government welfare (not Social Security or Medicare which the people have paid for) should not be allowed to vote so long as they are living at the expense of taxpayers. Without the ability TO PURCHASE votes with taxpayers funds no Democrat could ever be elected again.

·        Obama is, plain and simple, a highly visible TRAITOR. A MUSLIM and a TRAITOR. He was brainwashed before arriving and he has further brainwashed himself since arriving. In my opinion the reason Obama has allowed ISIS to grow out of control, to continue the slaughter, without U.S. interference, is because he is determined to hand over Southern Iraq, its oil fields and  Baghdad, TO IRAN. The five terrorist (5) released from Gitmo by Obama have now been found to be in communication with Al Qaida and ISIS. All travel restrictions have been released for them THIS WEEK.

·        Hillary is different, but equally terrible. Here we are dealing with SLEAZE on a scale that should embarrass every American, not to mention a long trail of dead bodies. A people who would elect this lying scheming money grubbing  sleaze bag as their leader deserves no mercy from God or Comets.  

·        The biggest COWARD and most deplorable politician in either wing of the Establishment Party is Mitch McConnell, Republican leader of the Senate. The only thing this sleaze bag cares about is that nothing interferes with his personal ‘Gravy Train’.  He is on a par with Obama and Hillary. 

·        Obama is a RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORIST. He is insane, IMO,  as are all Radical Muslim Terrorist. Those who cannot recognize Obama’s insanity are called DEMOCRATS. They will point to a red car and swear on a bible it is green. Why? Because they are typically brainwashed, uneducated, uninformed, misinformed, pliable, cult personality worshipers, government dependents,  government workers, etc..  And because, especially because, Obama/Hillary promise them the car is green. The science is settled. Or because, APR (as previously reported) , before this incarnation their brains were inserted upside down and backwards. Up is down, red is green. What else could explain their 100% support for the most incompetent, treasonous, sinister, arrogant, narcissistic, silliest, goofiest, anti-American pathological LIAR in the history of American Government?  LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER. It has destroyed our once great country. There is not one other thing, not even corruption in D.C. that can hold a candle to the destruction of our nation by Liberalism. We The People have handed our country over to this crowd of goofballs who destroy every single thing they touch from Detroit to California, from the Dept. of Education to Benghazi, from Health Care to Immigration. I believe what I am typing. Will you compromise with the Devil? The ONLY SOLUTION is to defeat them so thoroughly they will not want to be seen in public. Get off the fence. Get out of the middle of the road. How about some integrity and common sense for a change. Defeat them in such overwhelming numbers not even the rigged voting machines can keep up. How about flushing the entire money grubbing ESTABLISHMENT PARTY down the toilet. How about BEN CARSON FOR PRESIDENT? Screw the Establishment.  Kick em out. Flush them and kick em in the butt on their way out the door. Demand our buildings and monuments back. Close the big WHOREHOUSE on the hill and fumigate it. Fumigate the White House ten times before it can be occupied again. Demand the National Archives, The Library of Congress, UBS and the U.N. hand over their copies of the INCORPORATION DOCUMENTS OF THE UNITED STATES so they can be burned up by BEN CARSON on the White House Lawn  ON INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION. Take back your country, SHEEP.

·        Obama is mentally ill. Those surrounding him are also ideologically blind to reality. Only YES MEN survive in Obama land, Civilian or Military. Those who support and vote for such people are the internal enemies of all things American. The idiots are in charge of the asylum. What do you think we should do?

·        Never in the history of the United States has there ever been so much corruption, so many lies, so much subterfuge, so much EVIL emanating from the Corporation and its minions in D.C. as exist at this very time. SATAN rules America. I could go into unending detail but these updates are for those who already understand and are witnesses.  Soooo,  if you were God and the Comet is coming, would you give it a nudge?  Or not?

I know,  ENOUGH ALREADY.  I feel so strongly about the intentional destruction of our country by these PERVERTS and political pawns of the Cabal and The New World Order that I just can’t help myself. I really should cut the idiots who support the Democrats some slack. I was once blind and ignorant myself.

******************ALERT ALERT ALEEERRRT*********

As I type this Fox News has just confirmed the above report, ISIS IS IN BAGHDAD. Why do you suppose GURU’S who quote Iraq sources with every update do not know what we have known for two weeks? Do you think they will R.V. under these circumstances? Why do you think Obama is protecting ISIS and ordered their ‘Home Office’ in Syria off limits?

FOX is loaded tonight. Paula Jones, remember her, one of the many women RAPED by Bill is coming on begging the American people not to put him back in the White House. Poor Paula, she doesn’t understand, being a RAPIST and a PEDOPHILE and the world’s greatest CON ARTIST are badges of honor with the Liberal Wing of The Establishment Party.

I will never forget the day I was introduced to Ronald Reagan. His eyes began with my shoes, went to the top of my head and settled on my eyes. We talked. I knew I was in the presence of a true American Patriot. He was the last true ‘Republican’. I miss Reagan and John Wayne. I doubt our country will ever see such leadership again. We have sunk to low for most good men and women to want any part of it.  Carson is an outsider, perhaps the biggest reason he should be elected.

Just in case it is another 3 months and 10 days before we update again there is one more opinion I wish to express: It’s about homosexual marriage and Ireland and the Boy Scouts ‘throwing in the towel’. Every holy book on the planet says ‘NO’. The Liberals are daily over ruling all things related to God. You can read examples every single day on the Internet. But the Boy Scouts? I was raised by the Boy Scouts. I was the ‘Scout of The Year’ for the largest region of my state which included one of our country’s largest cities. My dad left when I was eleven. Mom worked two jobs. I was alone on ‘awards night’. It got to be embarrassing the number of trips to the podium. I won everything, Everything, Then left for college three or four Merit Badges short of ‘Eagle’ at age 17 (by nine days). The assistant Scout Master played parent pinning things on me and we were both in tears. The Scout Master was not present. He had been arrested the week before for molesting two boys in our troop. He was homosexual. I do not have a grudge against homosexuality or view it as any greater ‘sin’ than many I am guilty of, but I do not agree that homosexual marriage is what God intended and it distresses me greatly that the Boy Scouts have succumbed to the demands of Corporate America and will now have homosexual Scout Masters while simultaneously Ireland, a part of my ancestry, has just approved gay marriage. A real shocker to me. Never mind what God says, LIBERALS RULE THE WORLD.    For a little while.

I could continue but it would just get worse, more opinionated.  A lone voice, well, almost, SCREAMING IN THE WILDERNESS for twenty years. It has changed nothing. THEY have control of the media and the microphone. Only the arrival of the Comet or something similar will wake the sluggards.

OOPS: Loose ends,

·        More on welfare than in the depths of the Great Depression.

·        Obama’s destruction of our country IS INTENTIONAL.

·        Greece has declared a Bank Holiday Monday. Watch out.

·        Judicial Watch has filed a RICO lawsuit against the Clinton Foundation, Dist. Court-Florida. RACKETEERING. Selling out America, influence peddling.  

·        U.S. armaments to several countries after large donations to the Clinton's.

·        Isis is beheading children.

·        McCain—‘Iraq military not driven out of Ramadi. They drove out of Ramadi’.

·        Obama refuses to give arms to the Kurds, the only effective force fighting ISIS.

·        Bix Weir—‘Big Event-Implosion Global Fiat Monetary System’.

·        Buffet buys more Wells Fargo-470m shares, 25B (end of March).

·        JPM stockpiling silver.

·        Banks fined 5.8B, currency manipulation. What a joke. Last number we had was 77.7B made by banks. Gov’t gets their share of stolen loot, no one held to account, ever. LIBOR manipulation even more profitable. Govt. will get ‘their share’ (fines) then all gets swept under rug as usual.

·        ISIS has issued its own currency, The Golden Dram, worth $4.00 U.S..

·        ‘Common Core’ teaching homosexuality—using pornography------ IN KINDERGARTEN. In KINDERGARTEN.  LIBERALS RULE THE WORLD.

·        Former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert caught ‘structuring’ the withdrawal of 1.7M in cash from accounts to give to “individual A” without proper reporting. They arrive poor and leave rich. D.C. is the world’s largest sewage plant. Congress is a whorehouse for sale not to the highest bidder, but to all bidders.

·        A canoe. A jug of water. A shore line. Six Liberals per canoe.

Good night friends, I’m pooped.

Casper    5-29-15

p.s. Yes, we are aware of today's ‘conference call’ saying things are ninety five percent for this weekend,Monday included. Never mind that this is the one hundred and seventy fifth time that have said it, let’s just hope and pray it will be true this time.