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Why do you suppose the Obama Administration is doing nothing about ISIS training camps inside our country?


Why do you suppose the MSM is not reporting this situation to the American people?


Why do you suppose the MSM is not reporting the dozens of reports from Iraq saying the U.S. and the U.K. are dropping weapons to ISIS?


Why do suppose the MSM is not reporting the Iraq News Reports saying two U.K. planes and one American chinook helicopter shot down while delivering weapons to ISIS?  


Why do you suppose Obama and the Democrats did not want Netanyahu to speak to Congress?


Why do you suppose Obama minions are saying he will by-pass Congress and approve whatever deal Jane-er-John, comes up with vis a vie Iran sanctions lifted and clear path to the bomb?


Why do you suppose the American people are so blind and so willing to drink their Kool-Aid in unlimited quantities?




Why do you suppose Iran is now running the show in Iraq?


Why do you suppose various terrorist are being released to Iran controlled Governments in the mid-east?


Why do you suppose the Muslim Brotherhood is in key positions in the White House?


Why do you suppose Obama and Valerie Jarrett are allied with Iran?


Why do you think Kerry is such a coward and unwilling to stand up for America much less Israel?


Why  do you think Obama flashed the one finger ISIS sign publically at a recent meeting of African leaders?


Why do you think his Secretary Of State used a personal e-mail account with her own server in her home?


Why do you think stinger missiles went to ISIS through Benghazi as WE reported at the time?


Why do you think the Mayor of New York City just announced school will be out for Muslim holidays beginning next year?


Why do you think the Republicans are so weak, so chicken shit, so unwilling to stop a lawless President?


Why do you think a Muslim Flag over the White House is not possible?


Why do you think 43% of Americans support Obama no matter what he does?  


Why do you think there is such a lack of common sense in the Democrat Party?   


Why do you think half the people see a white and gold dress while the other half see a blue and black dress?


What are we to do? I think they are insane. They think I/we are insane. I want nothing to do with lying liberals believing as I do they are treasonous idiots. They think twice as bad about me and see the world entirely different. Whatever are we to do? Shall we divide up the country? And the schools so our offspring don’t become contaminated?  Shall we have a big fist fight with the loser getting a canoe, a jug of water and a push off the beach?  Should we ‘compromise’ with each other when what the one group believes is so repugnant to the other group?  


What is it that gets us through such times as these when our differences are as great as they have ever been? When our country, as we have known it, is on the verge of being torn asunder by forces we don’t understand? A house divided cannot stand. What Ever Are We To Do?


-shoot all liberals.------------------no no no. just kidding.


I am tempted to say it’s a lack of leadership but that’s not true. We have plenty of leadership, leading us where most don’t want to go. We have Liberal, Socialist, Communist Leadership and 43% of our people love it.  They have tasted the Kool-Aid and they want more. They are every bit as committed to their beliefs as the James Jones Kool-Aid drinkers were to theirs, so I ask again, what are we to do?  Mention a nuclear mid-east, they have no comprehension and could care less.  Mention A domestic centrally controlled police state, they don’t comprehend and could care less. Economic catastrophe approaching, Government corruption, The Corporation, a second Constitution, none of it will register. 100% of the stupid, if they vote at all, are Democrats. Ninety per cent of the uninformed and the misinformed (by the media) are Democrats. A bus ride to various polling places and a twenty dollar bill, they vote, and vote and vote. Community Organizers sign them up and drive the bus. This is what it has come to in America, Mob Rule. And the mob is ignorant in the extreme.Why would the Democrats give illegal immigrants three years tax rebates on taxes they didn’t pay? Because they have concluded  ‘It’s just taxpayer money and they are not going to vote for us anyway’. Do you recall the many times WE said, ‘they will give each of them new Range Rovers if that’s what it takes to get them to come to the U.S.’?  Now you are seeing it.‘Rules For Radicals’. How to overthrow the United States from within. From the perspective of a Conservative or a Patriot, Obama is intentionally inviting ,and paying, South America to ‘invade’ the United States thereby diluting and forever changing the existing voter base and the population with those dependent upon all manner of Government Programs including cash payments called tax rebates on taxes that were never paid. Once you understand Obama’s plan to overthrow (fundamentally change) our country and our way of life his actions and policies suddenly make sense—from his perspective—and from the perspective of the Democrats who vote with him 100% of the time without exception as purveyors of theNWO/open borders takeover of America. One must be exceedingly blind not to see this and that describes, to the letter, the Democrats constituency. Obama is a Communist and as such he believes with all his faculties, in Communism. Obama is a Muslim and as such believes in ISLAM even to the point of arming, training and protecting ISIS and flashing the ISIS sign in public from the stage at the gathering of African Leaders on International Television. This is serious business friends and Liberal Elites are part of it. They know their constituents, generally speaking, have no idea what is going on and have not the time or the inclination to learn. Pass the Kool-Aid is the only thing on their minds, politically speaking.


So you are ‘middle of the road’? An Independent, are you? Above all this?Baloney. You just don’t have the courage to stand up and be counted. You are for the sell-out of our country by this Liberal/Democrat/Communist NWO Freak Show or you are not. WHICH IS IT?   


The alternative is not the shifty, slimy, Corporate Owned, bribed and blackmailed other half of the same ESTABLISHMENT PARTY, the NWO RINO Republicans. As you have witnessed since the mid-terms there is no difference in the ONE Political ESTABLISHMENT Party pretending to be two. Most of them are owned outright by the Corporations and the Banks. If they were not why would the RINO’s not be demanding answers to all the abominations of Obama including his flashing of the ISIS sign on an International Stage? I am ashamed of my country, I am ashamed of our President but most of all I am ashamed of the Republican Party I belonged to all my life until recently. Taking our support from one half the Establishment Party and giving it to the other half of the same Party is not the answer. I dare say there may never again be an answer because THEY, the Twin Political Pawns of the Satanist NWO, have taken over everything. They are armed to the teeth to protect against the ‘lamp post’ outcome.They are an army of political parasites all on the thin air fiat payroll which is being intentionally increased in size year after year as remaining taxpayers are saddled with the resulting debt and trillion dollar annual deficits.  A recent study says there are 54 new taxes in Obamacare, not the 17 previously acknowledged. At fifty below zero they-Obama and his Communist Brethren-will still be pushing Global Warming because it has nothing to do with the weather, it is all about Global Taxation. For every law passed there are 1700 new rules and regulations being issued by the Liberal Communist Statist running our country. CONTROL. Government Control. Of everything and everybody everywhere at all times including the Internet. Especially the internet so information can be filtered andcontrolled as it is in the MSM. All must work for the Government or be dependent upon the Government in one way or another is their attitude. Remember what Obama said to Joe the plumber? “You didn’t build that” (referring to Joe’s plumbing business). He meant Joe used Government roads, etc. Never mind that Joe and other taxpayers paid for the roads. Just as there is no fix for stupid the views of a man like Obama can never be changed. He is what he is. He is a product of this Communist/Muslim upbringing.


Seriously crazy things are happening all around us friends. Ninety five percent don’t care, don’t see, wouldn’t have the courage to speak up if they did see, just like the German people, Hail Hitler. General Washington saved our country with three per cent of the people. Obama is selling us down the river. He and his wife are anti-American and always have been. He is Muslim and assisting the NWO in the establishment of a caliphate in the mid-east lead by Iran, a terrorist state which, with the help of the Democrats, will have nukes. We are tired, you and I. We have been through so much, lost so much, waited so long. Many times Obama has said he would never allow us to have significant funds. Do you have significant funds? We are growing old but it is never too late to think about our country and its sovereignty and our grandchildren. We cannot ignore the things that are going on. Our President is supporting ISIS and the MSM is withholding the evidence from our people while the rest of the world is receiving the news from Al Jazeera, Iraq and others. Our situation as a country and as a people is tenuous on many levels. All is manipulated, especially what the people are allowed and not allowed to see and to know. Obama’s State Department was being run from Hillary’s home office for crying out loud.


So why all these words and ‘questions to contemplate’ today? To remind that the anti-American skunk Obama is more dangerous now than ever before. To remind that another completely corrupt and exceedingly evil NWO Limousine Liberal is waiting in the wings in Clinton. To suggest that RINO’s and Democrats are essentially the same thing and both are committed to the subjugation of the American people for their handlers, loosely defined as ‘The New World Order’.  And to remind that only a return to our original Constitution and Courts can save us from the fate they have planned for us. And finally, to emphasize, by pointing out current events, just how serious our situation is and how treasonous our political leadership really is.


Casper   3-6-15