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This update was written the night of the 25th. I held it, thinking it too strong and that I would ‘lighten it up’ and send it the 26th. Since then dozens of reports are pouring in from Iraq with many posted on the net (the 27th) saying the U.S. and U.K. are dropping weapons and supplies to ISIS in the field. Two U.K. planes have been shot down carrying weapons for ISIS.  And so, I have decided to go ahead and release this Saturday morning the 28th, as originally written.

 You will notice additional posts to this main article, just as a thread to bring it all together.


Subject: casper 2-26-15 another OPINION PIECE


Yesterday it was Obamacare and the purge of the military. Today it is immigration and open borders, tomorrow the Soros funded takeover of the internet. Welcome to the New World Order being crammed daily down the throats of the American people. And the Republicans, the mid- terms? What difference did it make? There is now only the Corporations phony constitution, no honest law, no honest courts and a DICTATOR committed to the internal and external destruction (fundamental change) of our country. You remember don’t you, “Democracy is always, always, followed by Dictatorship”. The scramble is on to see which new pawn gets to continue the sellout of America in 2016. Traitors one and all (most). Guilty of Sedition in every respect. Hillary or Bush, do you think they give a damn who you vote for?


This is the fourth in a series of updates focusing primarily on Obama’s arming, training and now protecting ISIS. Kerry testified before a congressional committee today that America has never been safer. He didn’t mention the 29 known ISIS training camps inside the U.S.(source-television). He didn’t mention the pollution of the White House with Muslim Brotherhood Members appointed by Obama and Valerie Jarret or that they funded the Muslim Brotherhood overthrow of the Egyptian Government, later reversed by the Egyptian Military. He didn’t mention the dozen or so reports coming out of Iraq and Syria confirming our previous reports saying the U.S. and the U.K. are dropping weapons and supplies to ISIS in the field. Having first claimed ‘overshoots’ of drops to coalition soldiers falling into ISIS hands, the sheer volume of reports coming from civilians, Iraq troops and many high level Iraq Government Officials now renders their ‘cover story’ laughable. Now we have Islamic courts operating in America, we have schools leading classes in Muslim Prayers resulting in several parent/teacher clashes involving the police which, true to form, always arrest the parent. We have streets in New York City being blocked off so Muslims can throw down their prayer rugs and pray to Mohammed/Allah—five times a day. The bible says that in the end time Christians would be severely persecuted. Almost every day new atrocities are being committed, most recently 1000 being burned alive (T.V. reports) and yesterday 150 men, women and children kidnapped and likely being made ready for the next video. Meanwhile Obama issues orders not to attack ISIS safe havens while off to Palm Springs for still another 10 million dollar holiday at taxpayer expense.


Obama is doing what he said he would do, “Fundamentally Changing America”. His ‘Woodstock Helpmates’ such as Kerry, having already thrown his unearned Purple Heart medals over the White House fence while holding hands with Jane Fonda, is busy selling out America to Iran. Can’t you see what is happening friends? IMO Obama is intentionally destroying America hand in hand with those he works for, The New World Order, which he no doubt intends to lead. The Democrat Party is in on it every step of the way and the Republican Politicians are assigned brief case carry duties till next time when they will again play musical chairs with absolutely no change in the planned outcome which is our complete subjugation to a Communist or Fascist New World Order, our country weakened, gutted, destroyed (historically speaking) and no longer able to resist what they are doing. We have no trouble recognizing the Beat Down of Russia, the force brought to bear to make them summit to the Cabal/ NWO, why can’t we see the same thing happening here?  Perhaps bribery, blackmail and Treason are more difficult to recognize than brute force.  


When ISIS starts blowing up malls here Obama declares Martial Law. What with all the Emergency Orders we already live under, the biggest difference between the existing Martial Law and the ‘new’ Martial Law will be the ‘declaration’ itself. Obama is already our Dictator and proves it time and time again with his Executive Orders which our play acting Congress can never quite seem to do anything about. Surely you have recognized this well-established pattern? It works because We The People are so terribly uninformed and because all of ‘them’ are employees of the CORPORATION and are well aware what will happen to them when the people become aware that all of them know this ‘stuff’, know they use a phony replacement constitution and are intentionally going along with this final overthrow and submission to the International Bankers. They are ALL (most) part of it. ‘Sink or swim together’. ‘If the ship sinks we all go with it’. ‘We must stick together no matter what’. Why do you think our Corporate government is now releasing to the media (last week) reports, formal government prepared reports, accusing Patriots of being Terrorist? One of their despicable political pawns issued a statement saying that people like me who attempt to bring forth the ’truth ‘ (as I see it)   “are a greater threat to the country than ISIS”.   Probably a true statement as the one thing that would defeat them in mass is the public learning the truth of their ongoing subjugation of the people and their ever increasing and ever more obvious sell out of our country to their handlers, The NWO.


Where is General Spam? Another no-show. Pledging one’s life, liberty and honor? A thing of the past, much less one’s material possessions. These are the things that happen when a Dictator is allowed to take over. The military is now in the hands of Obama’s political appointees. The World Capital Markets apparently remain in the hands of the criminals. Beautiful words still come forth from supposed ‘higher places’ with the same result since I first became a serious student in 1986. Empty rhetoric then, empty rhetoric now. Not one single visible tangible result since 1986 and most of those who sang all those beautiful words for public consumption have now abandoned ship. Until further notice of a trustworthy nature D.C., The City, and most of the world remains in the hands of the Satanist. Our newly militarized Police are killing innocents so often the media can hardly keep up with it all. Gestapo, and they seem to be loving it. Our country is on a slippery sliding board into hell and it is Obama, the whores inWashington and the apathy of our people that is responsible. So many voices, screaming as loud as possible, ‘WAKE UP’, did no good. IMO the line has been crossed. Our situation, short of divine intervention on a massive scale, is irretrievable.


There are so many things of urgent importance going on. There is no shortage of messengers trying to help you see, items of a financial nature not discussed today, especially. It’s not simply the life or death of our country at stake right now but also that of our families.


I believe our anti-American President is insane. Or so brain washed since childhood that it amounts to the same thing. Observe and remember above all else, he has been a pathological liar on hundreds of occasions about dozens of subjects. And our admonition so often repeated,  “ Once you determine a person to be a liar it will always, always, be downhill from there”.  


Casper    2-26-15





Please view this as a continuation of our 2-17-15 update on the subject of OBAMA PROTECTING ISIS.


Jordan and Egypt have been denied by Obama Intel on ISIS locations in Iraq, Syria and Libya. U.S. command has been ordered not to provide such intel. Their bombing continues in spite of Obama’s orders not to bomb at all and Obama now refuses to disclose ISIS leadership locations. Obama has ordered a reduction in U.S. air ‘sorties’ to four to seven per day which includes all three countries.


As you can read in any major newspaper Obama said publically yesterday ISIS will be attacked in April or May. Never before in history has an American President telegraphed the plans of the American Military in this manner. This is not incompetence friends, this is intentional.


Obama’s orders for a ‘Safe Haven’ for ISIS leadership continues.


Speculating now, this writer believes ISIS was created and is controlled by the see eye aye as an instrument of blackmail against the Iraq government probably having to do with the go/no go of the Dinar R.V.. In any case there is a river of blood and suffering beyond belief and those responsible are being protected by Obama.



Casper, 2-20-15  



ubject: casper update 2-17-15


What with all the news hitting the internet yesterday regarding Obama being a Muslim, this seems an appropriate time to release our most recent intel.  


OBAMA HAS ORDERED ISIS HEADQUARTERS IN SYRIA “OFF LIMITS”. He has ordered a safe haven for ISIS leadership, no one is to attack them. Large areas have been cordoned off from U.S. airstrikes. Jordan is extremely upset and sources say they are threatening to disregard Obama’s orders.


A few months ago he sends five of the world’s worst terrorist from GITMO to Yemen in return for an Army deserter. Next, the U.S. Embassy in Yemen isevacuated and military personnel are forced-by Obama-to give up their weapons and board commercial flights out with tails between legs. Coincidence? Next, Jordan pilot burned alive, children cut in half and others buried alive. Female children—you don’t want to know. Next, 25 Christians kidnapped in Egypt, all have throats slit simultaneously with video delivered to international television. Now, a safe haven for ISIS leadership ORDERED BY OBAMA. He even refuses to acknowledge they are Muslim—or Terrorist. He is doing all possible to see that Valerie Jarrett’s Iran gets the bomb. Now comes word from Iraq saying the MSM is not reporting accurately the urgency of the situation regarding the 300 marines on a base outside Bagdad. They are receiving no help, no back up. They are expressing concern Obama is about to hang them out to dry, forcing them to ‘run’ to create another ‘victory’ of Islam over the U.S.. Some are saying they won’t follow such orders and will fight to the death. Bravado. They will do as ordered if the order comes and they are anticipating it. Obama wrote in one of his books “When push comes to shove I will stand with the Muslim’s.


Where is our MUSLIM PRESIDENT as ISIS invades Libya and acquires more control and more land and more atrocities every day?  Three day golfing vacation in Palm Springs.


Those who voted for this skunk the second time deserve what’s coming. Every Democrat that votes in lock step with him deserves what’s coming.  The rest of us do not deserve it but there is no escape from it. He armed ISIS fighters,trained them and now protects them.        


Changing subjects now, the lengthy meetings yesterday, Brussels, EU & Greece, was very contentious but the E.U. eventually said ‘we will do whatever is necessary to keep Greece in the E.U.’. Sounds like they finally figured out who has who over a barrel. Don’t get overly excited about David slaying Goliath because David (Tsipras) is an atheist and a Communist. Greece has refused to accept the last traunche (7B) of the previous loan from the troika leaving the future of the E.U., ECB and Euro itself up in the air”.


“One delay all delay”, a Casperism dating back to the mid nineties, has never failed and once again we are experiencing delays on all fronts.


New  ‘Bail-in’ banking laws now in place in G-20 countries. As it occurred in three consecutive steps over six month period it appears to be something they intend to use. Exchanging Dinar for Dollars of inflated value seems to be another planned step after which the dollar crashes 50% and the people screwed again? Then taxes? Then bail-ins? Of course it’s all moot if Obama pulls the Marines and ISIS over runs Bagdad. ‘They will do anything, anything at all, to preserve the status quo, maintain themselves in power and to keep their fraudulent financial carousel spinning’.