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What with all the news hitting the internet yesterday regarding Obama being a Muslim, this seems an appropriate time to release our most recent intel.  

OBAMA HAS ORDERED ISIS HEADQUARTERS IN SYRIA “OFF LIMITS”. He has ordered a safe haven for ISIS leadership, no one is to attack them. Large areas have been cordoned off from U.S. airstrikes. Jordan is extremely upset and sources say they are threatening to disregard Obama’s orders.

A few months ago he sends five of the world’s worst terrorist from GITMO to Yemen in return for an Army deserter. Next, the U.S. Embassy in Yemen isevacuated and military personnel are forced-by Obama-to give up their weapons and board commercial flights out with tails between legs. Coincidence? Next, Jordan pilot burned alive, children cut in half and others buried alive. Female children—you don’t want to know. Next, 25 Christians kidnapped in Egypt, all have throats slit simultaneously with video delivered to international television. Now, a safe haven for ISIS leadership ORDERED BY OBAMA. He even refuses to acknowledge they are Muslim—or Terrorist. He is doing all possible to see that Valerie Jarrett’s Iran gets the bomb. Now comes word from Iraq saying the MSM is not reporting accurately the urgency of the situation regarding the 300 marines on a base outside Bagdad. They are receiving no help, no back up. They are expressing concern Obama is about to hang them out to dry, forcing them to ‘run’ to create another ‘victory’ of Islam over the U.S.. Some are saying they won’t follow such orders and will fight to the death. Bravado. They will do as ordered if the order comes and they are anticipating it. Obama wrote in one of his books “When push comes to shove I will stand with the Muslim’s.

Where is our MUSLIM PRESIDENT as ISIS invades Libya and acquires more control and more land and more atrocities every day?  Three day golfing vacation in Palm Springs.

Those who voted for this skunk the second time deserve what’s coming. Every Democrat that votes in lock step with him deserves what’s coming.  The rest of us do not deserve it but there is no escape from it. He armed ISIS fighters,trained them and now protects them.        

Changing subjects now, the lengthy meetings yesterday, Brussels, EU & Greece, was very contentious but the E.U. eventually said ‘we will do whatever is necessary to keep Greece in the E.U.’. Sounds like they finally figured out who has who over a barrel. Don’t get overly excited about David slaying Goliath because David (Tsipras) is an atheist and a Communist. Greece has refused to accept the last traunche (7B) of the previous loan from the troika leaving the future of the E.U., ECB and Euro itself up in the air”.

“One delay all delay”, a Casperism dating back to the mid nineties, has never failed and once again we are experiencing delays on all fronts.

New  ‘Bail-in’ banking laws now in place in G-20 countries. As it occurred in three consecutive steps over six month period it appears to be something they intend to use. Exchanging Dinar for Dollars of inflated value seems to be another planned step after which the dollar crashes 50% and the people screwed again? Then taxes? Then bail-ins? Of course it’s all moot if Obama pulls the Marines and ISIS over runs Bagdad. ‘They will do anything, anything at all, to preserve the status quo, maintain themselves in power and to keep their fraudulent financial carousel spinning’.


Casper   2-17-15