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In past updates we have reported about the U.S. arming and training ISIS fighters and discussed the movement of arms through Benghazi. We have discussed Valerie Jarrett and Obama being Muslims, many Muslim Brotherhood members working in the White House and indeed throughout the Obama Administration. We have discussed the Obama/Jarrett purge of our military with more than two hundred top Generals, Admirals and officers fired or ordered to resign. And, anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear (‘America is no longer a Christian Nation’) have awakened by now to Obama’s determination to overthrow our country by making every possible American dependent upon Government and taxing the remainder into poverty. And, APR (as previously reported, in our opinion, he is not satisfied with the speed of his domestic dictatorial takeover and is now taking his extreme incompetence into foreign affairs. His number one goal, we hear, is to see that Iran gets ‘the bomb’ or gets so close only a baby step would remain. With all this in mind we bring you today’s news on this stand-alone subject.


The reason the EAU quit the ISIS bombing campaign and parked its jets was not because of the cover story, ‘no provision made to rescue downed pilots’. The reason was because Obama ordered ‘selected targets only and even then he must receive 24 hour notice’. So the EAU said to hell with this and they quit.


News from Jordan today says they are bombing every available ISIS target. ‘If it moves, bomb it’. THEY say Obama says ‘HE WANTS IT STOPPED’. 24 hour notice and selected targets only. King Abdulla demands explanation, none forthcoming so far.


Conclusion: Our Muslim president is in bed with ISIS.


Casper, Wendy & We,  2-6-15