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Whoa there WhiteHatFactCheck 125.7 Part 9.

In their update yesterday they said they had corresponded with Casper who said the “Freedom Program and Prosperity Programs are not ‘profiling’ in London”.  NOT TRUE OR ACCURATE, WE DID NOT SAY THAT.  

As far as I know I have never corresponded with WHA.

I (WE) were contacted two weeks ago by e-mail by someone we don’t know asking questions about Freedom and PPP. They did not identify themselves as WHA. I said Intel is scarce and has been for a long time. WE had a report from London a few months ago saying the Freedom Trade did occur, the funds were available for distribution but were blocked or seized and the Trader himself has not yet been paid and mentioned his location. They/he/she/ said “our top of the heap sources in London say the PPP’s  and Freedom are not profiling and therefore will not pay”. They said  ‘perhaps we could have your sources in London (VIP Bankers) talk with our sources in London. I said super, set it up, we will call them from London right away and I offered to post his remarks and Intel in an update. He said no, at least not right now. So he/she/they proceed to set up a pow wow calling back in three or so days saying their sources do not want to talk after all. My brief response by e-mail was “WE understand. Thanks for trying. Will not post our correspondence”.


This may seem trivial to most readers but not to us.

When we tell someone we will keep their communications with us confidential we honor those agreements. Now we have WHA quoting that correspondence verbatim and saying they got the information from Casper. The words quoted, ‘not profiling in London’ were not my words but those of the party who contacted us. As to WHA’s motive, we have no idea what this is all about. What’s important to us is that the other party involved understand that we did not quote their Intel or provide it to WHA and did not post their comments to us to anyone at any time. Since they did not get it from Casper as they state, there is only one other place they could have gotten it.


Changing subjects now, WE continue to be amazed that ‘Dinarians’ never demand to know where the funds for an R.V. are supposed to be coming from. Or why the UST would supply exchangers with unlimited supplies of Dinar for sale to the public at one eighth of a cent today then exchange it tomorrow for $3.00 or more? WE first asked these questions two years ago when we first threw our hat into the Dinar conversations and we are still asking the same questions today. Why are we the only one’s asking such obvious questions?  Watching the daily Dinar postings is for us like a trip to the zoo. No telling what’s around the next corner. Some of the things said are just so outrageous. WE want everyone to be paid but the excuses provided for never ending delays are often ridiculous. It’s as if some guru’s are standing so close to the forest they can’t see the tree’s or, worded differently, they are so close to their ‘handlers’ they can’t see that they are being handled. Those of us who go back to the days of the Programs, Farm Claims, etc. (early nineties) have been there, done that. It took us five years to realize we were being ‘handled’ so we are observing, not throwing rocks. Look outside the R.V. world and what do you see? The Fiat Central Banks are continuing to pour vast amounts of money into the existing system (ECB, Bk Japan, PBOC, etc,) to save the existing system and to maintain themselves in power at all cost. The CBI is a part of this system. Their Fraudulent Financial Carousel continues. Their plan to continue with Fiat SDR’s when the Dollar is completely exhausted is obvious and, IMHO results in the forfeiture of our sovereignty to the U.N./IMF/NWO. Meanwhile the sale of Dinar to the public continues, every day. Where are those funds going to? Surely you don’t think the money is going to Iraq. A year ago Guru’s said 30T Dinar out there then others posted 70T, then 80T then 90T. Then along came Zap who said the U.S. printed 600T and didn’t stop there as they were supposed to, France printed 600T he said and he didn’t even mention DeLaRu in London, Iraq’s official printer of its currency. All that times $3.00 each? Where could such a sum originate?  If a Dinar was actually worth ‘X’ two years ago is it not worth a small percentage of ‘X’ today? If all of it were to be exchanged for $3.00 each what do you think the resulting value of the dollar would be? Would it not be worthless? Why do the Guru’s who are supposed to be leading you to the promised land not openly discuss such obvious issues? It is because, in our opinion, they do not have what WE call “historical knowledge” meaning that they have not recognized much less accepted the deceit, treachery, treason and cruelty of the Corporate Government and it’s paid professional liars who have destroyed the lives of thousands prior to anyone ever hearing about a Dinar. Twenty eight dead in my small world most hanging on by their fingernails for years as they were mentally and emotionally tormented to death by the never ending lies they were fed month after month. The Guru’s know so little about ‘the big picture’ and all that has gone on before their arrival. WE have reported to you the activities of these Government paid liars in Treasury and the Agencies many many times over the years. Little did those bastards realize that particular Intel was coming from their own family members.


I could go on and on and on some more telling you of the history of the most corrupt people on earth masquerading as legitimate Government but I just don’t have the strength to repeat 15 years of writing for a new group who are focused only on currency revaluations and care little that many hundreds of thousands preceded them in attendance to this Rocky Horror Picture Show now gripping them mentally and emotionally.  Friends, pray for something legitimate, not the continuation of a fraudulent financial system under which your funds will be stolen or made worthless after receipt. 


The McHaffie Nesara web site is the only one I know of that regularly publishes Intel regarding a return to Common Law and the return of our Republic and its Organic Constitution, not the fraudulent Constitution of the Corporation, Statute Law and its Maritime Court System. The current 16th Amendment, the IRS Amendment, was never ratified by the States and is completely fraudulent, “The Law That Never Was”. The 13th, now known as the Slavery Amendment is equally fraudulent as the true 13th of our true Constitution precluded Titles Of Nobility, i.e. lawyers serving in Government. It was not our Country, our Republic, that turned our Monetary System over to a bunch of private international bankers, it was the Corporation/Cabal and its pawns such as Woodrow Wilson who later in life said he had unknowingly sold our country down the river. As Putin said last week, “the United States is no longer a Constitutional Republic, it is now an Oligarchy. We have neither a Republican form of Government as provided by our founders (Constitutional Republic) or a Democracy. We are governed by the Cabal (shadow government) using various Emergency Orders applied over the decades which have never been allowed to expire. ‘We The People’ are silly putty in the hands of politicians who work for ‘the powers that be’ and for special interest. Newly elected politicians, most ignorant of history and current circumstances just like Dinarians, quickly have the facts of life explained to them. ‘Go along to get along”. Do not upset our apple cart or interfere with our gravy train, OR ELSE.


There was a time, not so long ago, when WE were extremely intense with our daily activities seeking the truth and timing of various ‘funding’s’ we are involved in. Years passed. A dozen very major sources passed away including the one who argued for us at the World Court and received a standing ovation. Trips to Switzerland and China and D.C. and Reno, etc. in pursuit of truth which we duly reported to you as best we could. Through it all the Government never stopped or slowed down the waterfall of lies that hurt so many. Back then, as now, every excuse imaginable was provided, all was intentional deception. Back then there was not a daily cash cow income stream as they have now constructed for themselves with the daily sales of Dinar. Consider what they did then, have been doing for 15 or more years for ‘fun and games’,  and consider what they are capable of now with said income stream motivating them. It is possible bank stories, call centers, exch centers, IMF, etc. etc. are all part of an elaborate charade to push the continuous sale of Dinar and to preserve their fraudulent fiat playpen. Several have bragged that they have been back to the well ten or twelve times. And you? They have seven billion potential victims. If it is a scam it is not likely to end anytime soon.


It will be so much easier on everyone if the Guru’s are right and all is on the up and up. Maybe they will step away from their handlers long enough to find answers to obvious questions.


Casper  11-11-14