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BREAKING NEWS-Not public yet.


Canada has told Obama to go Fxxx himself.


Obama’s INTENTIONAL destruction of our country by following the Cloward/Piven  (First Edition 1965)  thesis ‘How To Destroy America From Within’, as described for you in dozens of previous updates, is not working fast enough to suit him. Now comes news from Boots On The Ground in Canada saying that Canada has finally had enough of Obama’s XL Pipeline delays in deference to his environmentalist wacko friends. They are going to build a pipeline from their shale oil deposits to the Atlantic and use mega-tankers to move the oil to gulf coast refineries. This Intel from pipeline engineers known to us personally who are already on the job in Canada. Think of the jobs lost, the billions of dollars lost to the U.S. economy. Extremist radicals like Obama do not believe in Capitalism but rather Central Command and Control. The one represents freedom, the other,  ‘I am the boss of you and I will make the decisions and you can like it or lump it’.


Fifty thousand children were separated from their parents and brought to our southern border on an American owned train running on an American owned railroad. This cost lots of money. Sources in D.C. say approximately $5000/per child counting everything and say it was funded by the White House to intentionally throw open the southern border. Next, Obama has stated publicly on several occasions, as soon as the mid-terms are over he, by Executive Order, is going to legalize the eleven to twenty million illegals presently in the U.S. which will of course fill hundreds of additional trainloads headed north.


As an immediate consequence of Obama’s open border policy, according to Congressman Duncan Hunter just yesterday, eleven ISIS terrorist have been apprehended at the border and another four in Texas. No one knows how many have slipped through successfully. ISIS has issued a public statement which has been reported in England but covered up in the U.S., that their ‘warriors’ are going to wreck havoc including the beheading of people at random on street corners. Coming to a mall near you, the consequences of Obama’s unwillingness to protect us. Considering that he armed and funded ISIS, trained them at bases in Turkey and Jordan and has ordered our military (Air Force) not to engage them or their equipment in the field in Iraq or Syria, what do YOU think he is up to? Do you think all this is mere coincidence? Martial Law to stop the elections might be a decent guess. Just this morning Kerry, the asshole who threw his Viet Nam purple hearts, obtained by scratching himself in the nearest brier patch according to those serving with him, over the White House fence to establish his extreme left wing bonafides said, on national television today, ‘it is not a priority or goal of the U.S. to stop the pending slaughter in Kobani, Syria where our Ally, the Kurds, are laying down their lives to try to stop the coming beheadings, rapes and crucifixions of the population. ISIS, in the village’s already overrun, are giving some of the women to their terrorist ‘soldiers’ and selling others on street corners to the high bidder to be used as sex slaves. In one village  300 men were beheaded in one fell swoop. Our Air Force could save this town in a matter of hours but Obama wont allow it just as he and Hillary would not allow nearby military to save our people in Benghazi.

Obama and Kerry have had every opportunity to destroy ISIS and refuse to do so. 

Do you think all those ISIS tanks surrounding Kobani got there through underground tunnels? They were sitting ducks in open desert and Obama ORDERED our Air Force to ‘lay off’ and now Kerry says ‘let them be crucified’. 


If Obama is not the Anti-Christ he is damn well his twin brother. And now ISIS has arrived in the U.S. including one caught in D.C. last week. 

Until recently polls showed 40% of the American people to be too stupid to care. The polls now say 35%. Every third person you meet on the street would again vote for the most disgusting human being alive on the planet today.


For several years WE reported to you Obama’s own words, “I will never allow the people to receive any significant money”. Now it appears half the Guru Community and ZAP have suddenly seen the light and are reporting that Obama has been the problem all along. People with money and freedom do not fit with Obama’s COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY. 


Seriously friends, Obama is like a trapped rabid dog. There is no telling what he is likely to do next. The one thing you can count on is that it will not be in the interest of the American people. WE reported many times his character flaw, his inability to make decisions, especially under pressure. He voted ‘present’ for half his votes while in the Illinois State Senate, unable to say yea or nay even to minor legislation. Now we see this flaw manifesting on the world stage. What is about to happen in Kobani belongs to him PERSONALLY and not to our military.


This next I probably should not do but what the heck, I can’t resist.  Remember in the ‘old days’ (eight or ten years ago) when someone in the crowd would shout “boxers or briefs Mr. President”? Now days someone should shout “what color panties today Mr. President”?  Will do it myself if I get the chance.


Goodbye XL. Goodbye 60,000 jobs. Goodbye untold revenue.


Casper   10-9-14


P.S Obama has refused to temporarily suspend incoming flights from West Africa. With a twenty one day incubation period, asking visitors ‘how ya feelin’ and taking their temperature will stop nothing. Stopping Ebola or ISIS at the border is not what Obama wants. No way to become a Police State protected Dictator in that scenario.