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From: M.K.

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Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 8:04 AM

Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10



 Your rant of Feb 4 has a theme that you have used before that is flat out misinformed.  I share your rage, but it needs a little "redirecting".  I come from the tech sector and in late '07 migrated to "alternative energy".  The combination of rapid monopolization, the DOE and Wall St. killed my attempts at solar.  However, please note that I learned a lifetime of lessons.  One is that the people you termed "green energy buddies" are truly the "good" pioneers trying to fight centralized distribution (aka power utilities).  The DOE, however, is the backbone of Wall St., the DOD and University research (who gets cash from DOD).  The DOE is the distribution arm of all "alternative energy" monies.  They are "good 'ole boys" extraordinaire and control "who" gets what.  The recent Obama faux pas\'s were "set ups" of the DOE, which is still entirely staffed with Reagan, Bush, Bush appointees.  They are entrenched and there for only one push nuclear and!  "BIG OIL"!!!  They control all patents for "free energy" (which the DOD uses discretely) and are behind the long-term conspiracy to pollute and depopulate, while they retain ultimate energy technology.  They pretend to sponsor AE "research" via grants, but these are handed out to companies and orgs that are not only "new" to AE, but produce no services or manufactured goods.  It's just a path to substantiate "the pitfalls" of AE and convince the public that it is "far off in the future".  So, the easy trick to find the culprits is still the simple one of "following the money" of the M.I.C..  It is the same characters from the early 50's and 60's who are "winning" the contracts and "outsourcing" to CIA front companies.  Obama and the Dems are largely powerless, but much less a "threat" than the Libertarians.  I personally wish the progressives would pick up arms (as in the American Revolution) and join with the Libertarians, as their end goals are the!  same.  If you have any doubts about the DOE connection with D! OD and NASA, go to "" and "".

Casper's Response

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From: Casper
To: "'Bellringer'" <>
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2012 7:20 AM
Subject: o.k. to post Mr Bellringer feel free to add coments.

 Thank you M.K. for writing. I'm not sure your letter requires a response but at the urging of Fourwinds I will do so.

 It appears the thrust of your letter has to do with the search for Alternative Energy being a good thing and those engaged therein are 'good guys'. I agree, generally speaking, but it is not the taxpayers responsibility to help you find something that works so you can then 'cash in', especially since you are obviously aware of 'on the shelf' suppressed tech, suppressed patents, which if released would immediately obsolete most A.E. endeavors now underway and the waste of funds provided by Obama to such as Solyndra. I yield to your greater knowledge regarding the 'Good Ole Boys' at Dept of Energy but as you must know several Conservative Candidates for President have called for the elimination of the Department along with several other Departments. As for the current ongoing waste of Billions of Taxpayer Dollars in support of those A.E. projects, that is not 'Capitalism' but Cronyism. It is not 'Free Enterprise' but Centrally Planned and funded Socialism by the same folks (Carol Browner, Obama, etc.) who tried to give us 'Cap and Trade' and other foolishness while acting upon the directions of the NWO, CFR and Bilderbergers whose motivation is attempting to establish 'World Taxation' by whatever means necessary. Did the Govt. (taxpayers) fund Microsoft's Start-Up, Facebook or any of a thousand other 'Start Ups'? It's all one great big HOAX including the use of Solar. Homes can be run indefinitely with a shoebox size  zero point 'free energy' (from the ethers) box. Auto's can be run on water, gasoline is not necessary. Anything that attempts to switch the world from fossil fuels to another temporary alternative that represents anything other than introducing the hidden technologies (free energy we have known about for decades) is a waste of time and money which seeks to make a different 'group' wealthy, i.e. you and/or Gore instead of Exon Mobil. Obama stopped the drilling in the Gulf long enough to force the rig owners to move to Brazil where they now work for Obama 'Buddy' Soros. Obama stops the XL Pipeline and we lose 20,000 jobs (and the oil) while his "Jobs Czar' moves tens of thousands of jobs from the mid-west to China. One need not be a rocket scientist to witness the fact that Obama is 'owned' by a different but equally absurd group of 'profiteers'. Our world M.K., is constructed upon False Premises to enrich certain groups such as OPEC. De-construction can be accomplished in the blink of an eye by simply introducing the hidden tech. Then, well intentioned folks like you and me can perhaps concentrate on the distribution of this 'ultimate solution' while flushing The Bushes, the Majors (seven sisters), Obama's and his 'Green Buddies', the Utilities, the Opec's, the CFR and the Bilderbergers in the nearest toilet.

 I hesitate to mention this but here I go anyway, all the various 'Spiritually Oriented' Web Sites and earth bound messengers such as Fulford say the introduction of these 'hidden technologies' will occur as part of the 'changes' we are about to experience. With huge areas of the world and huge numbers of Governments and Companies and tens of millions of people now dependent upon the current 'Construct' it makes one wonder how the transition to 'reality' will be managed.

 Thanks again for writing M.K.