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On Thursday WE learned that a huge trade would be attempted beginning noon Friday and coming off at noon Monday. WE heard this would be the biggest trade ever and was being done with the cooperation of certain Chinese Factions.


These attempts, using Program Funds as collateral, can be extremely difficult to detect and after hundreds of previous failed attempts this one is no doubt buried very deep. WE can not confirm until Monday whether or not the attempt is underway. Many factions including several Countries are demanding more money and this is the planned method for acquiring more for distribution to various factions of our opponents.


There has been underway in China a gigantic fight surrounding this and other trade proceeds. WE do not yet know the outcome of this fight.


To ‘cover’ the potential distribution of these trade proceeds a ‘cover story’ has been put out saying the Countries are demanding and expecting an enhanced distribution from a revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar. Our sources say this story is false. Our Intel continues to say this is a false storyline to begin with but whether the revaluation is true or false it has nothing to do with what is actually going on in China this weekend.


More when possible,  



                               Casper   5-7-11