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A year ago, six months ago, WE and others were reporting the Obama/Hillary Intell from the U.S. Embassy in China saying they have given China Eminent Domain over the U.S.------ not just various ‘assets’ such as Ports and/or ‘Wetlands’ and/or National Parks.


Now comes Bob Chapman writing in ‘International Forecaster’ and posted on Fourwinds now as “The Public Debt”,  an article saying it is now a fait acompli. This confirms the outright Treason of our nations ‘leaders’ and shows they will do anything, anything at all, to keep their ‘party’ (fraudulent financial playpen) rolling along.


This indicates a willingness by certain folks to continue to finance The Corporation of The United States until it fails completely and the people awaken to the prospect that the unconstitutional Corporation has hocked the peoples assets to maintain itself in power. Meanwhile Billions were/are being ‘siphoned’ from Treasury into the ‘hidden’ Vatican and Swiss Bank Accounts of the politicians while the bankers and Wall Street continue to pocket obscene sums for themselves as they are provided Trillions of Dollars by the Politicians at taxpayer expense via the various bailout programs.


The scariest part is that WE and others have also reported that Communist China is also broke, meaning, IMO, that those financing the continuation of the status quo in China and the U.S. are apparently allowing this in lieu of the anticipated immediate foreclosure of the Corporation.


While this is all apparently ‘new’ to Chapman it has been happening in stages since Obama became President. Quoting Obama’s own Budget which is based upon ridiculously optimistic assumptions, our annual interest payments on our National Debt will go from 187B to 850B in the next few years. This represents a total destruction of the living standards of the American people including all businesses except the very largest as they are crowded out of the Credit Markets by these levels of Government borrowing. Add to this the Inflation factor, rising unemployment (now at 22% says Chapman) and even our ‘high school readers’ should be able to diagnose the inevitable outcome.


It appears to me those who have the money and rule the world are saying to themselves something along these lines; “If the utterly corrupt American Politicians and American President are willing to place at risk their entire national net worth in this manner including roads, bridges, buildings, Hospitals and the White House itself, etc. to maintain themselves in power a while longer, incurring debt  which can not be repaid even as matters stand today, the wisest thing for us to do is to give them some more rope and allow them to complete the process of National Suicide”.


Today, Sunday, virtually all Internet Service in China is shut down. WE are having trouble with phone calls. Yesterday the American Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, was confronted on the street in China by reporters demanding to know whether the U.S.’ intends to create Chaos in China as they have in Tunisia and Egypt’. This was televised. It shows that the Chinese people are being “sold” something by the Chinese Government, something entirely different than what the American people are being ‘sold’ by their Government and news media.  


       Casper   2-27-11