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as on the teleprompter in front of Obama.


·         Dated May of last year but posted on RMN right now, ‘Communist Party sues Democratic Party’ for stealing their platform and re-labeling it ‘progressive’. Now isn’t that a hoot? How many times have I said every thing they are doing is pure Communism?  It’s straight out of the Karl Marx handbook and a reflection of Obama’s upbringing under the tutelage of Frank Marshall.


·         Our country is rebelling against Obama’s Communist Big Government Police State Policies so he reads a Reagan speech and would have us believe he has suddenly ‘seen the light’ ?  Bunko Spaghettio’s, pasta for the kool-aid drinkers.


·          ObamaCare, a monstrous new entitlement program, besides destroying the world’s greatest healthcare system, besides destroying Medicare and Medicaid, besides being unconstitutional on its face, is a financial wrecking ball for the States and the Country. When/if Obama and the Democrats reverse themselves on this policy, and the Bank Bailout Policies at taxpayer expense, then and only then will they have any credibility in the Business Community . It ain’t gonna happen. They will remain the Party that stole the Communist Party’s Platform.


·         Obama returned the White House bust of Winston Churchill to England. Then he gave the Queen an I-Pod containing his speeches, a really big insult. Today we learn from reliable newspapers abroad and Wiki Leaks that Obama has given to Russia a variety of British Nuclear Secrets. The Brits are livid. Obama has destroyed the ‘Special Relationship’ the U.S. has always had with England.


·         A teenager is facing criminal charges for throwing spitballs. Others for saying negative things on Facebook and/or Twitter. The absurd abominations are coming fast and furious, another almost every day. Government Bureaucrats run amuck. They are following the ‘lead’ of their superiors, ‘control freaks’ in every key position, in other words---COMMUNISM.  ‘Direction’ is coming from the top down.


·         Our ‘wait’ intensifies daily it seems. While waiting all these other attacks on Freedom continue and appear to be increasing. One way to stop this nonsense is to cut the budget, to slash Government payrolls, to get rid of these overpaid self-important control freaks. Notice that the Republicans, most of them, are unwilling to do that proving that the Political Parties are simply two heads of the same beast.


·         Throughout history those on ‘the left’, the far left, have been responsible for the murder of millions, tens of millions of people. Today a Sarah Palin function was cancelled due to ‘security concerns’. And talk radio. And the Internet. And ?  You do realize don’t you, that the far left is insane?


·         ‘Leftist’  always disarm their populations first as it makes their slaughter easier. Obama has appointed Andrew Traver head of BATF (from Chicago of course), an anti Second Amendment Fanatic while simultaneously (there’s that word again) using U.N. ‘Treaties’ as an excuse for disarming the American people.


·         Simultaneously the unconstitutional  ‘Patriot Act’ (handcuffs and leg irons for the public- legislation) is up for re-authorization tomorrow.


·         Ten times this morning Obama said we are going to ‘invest’ in this, that and the other, which means he is going to continue to SPEND like a drunken sailor, using borrowed money, thereby destroying the purchasing power of the people via inflation. One and one half Trillion Dollar ANNUAL Deficits

       BEFORE he does all that ‘investing’.


Regarding White Hat Report #10 posted last night and their call for the Supreme Court to stand up and do right, in case you are unaware fellow Patriots, THEY ALL HAVE SECRET BANK ACCOUNTS IN THE VATICAN BANK. What’s more, if you want to know just how filthy they actually are read previous casper updates from 3 or 4 years ago dealing with their visits to ‘The Ranch”.


(p.s. fellow Patriots, the Provost, the JAG and several of the Joint Chiefs also have secret accounts. All of them work for the Corporation which is in partnership with the Printing Press which provides them whatever price they place upon their souls.)


When you, fellow Patriots/White Hats, close your report #10 with “if Obama has a shred of Honor left” he will "Do This and That" you are surely joking.

He never had a shred of honor in the first place so there is none left to call upon.


Do you not realize the massive criminality of mind necessary to run for and accept the Presidency knowing full well every step of the way that you are lying to the entire nation, even to your own supporters?  It is TREASON plain and simple and the Supremes are now equally guilty.


Biden and Boehner also have secret accounts so who we gonna turn to next?  

Also, you folks appear to be at a point from which WE graduated long ago, believing the S.C. the last hope for our country.


If you keep on following the money you will learn that the printing press has been used to ‘purchase’ (bribe) foreign leaders, especially in China, which was supposedly going to impose the justice the TRAITORS at the Supreme Court failed to impose.

It’s amazing what you can do when you can ‘print’ unlimited funds from thin air, bribe the world and charge all of it to the taxpayers, the only innocent ‘players’ in this whole sorry saga.  


Funding the Prosperity Programs and the Global Settlements is not a sufficient outcome.


Unless the Satanist ruling this country and the world are removed from power no one will be safe, least of all recipients.

Exposing Washington D.C. for the tragedy it has become is essential if we are to retrieve the Constitution and our National Dignity.


Remember friends, ‘they’ are not us.

 They are parasites living off their host which is the American people.


Casper  2-7-11    opinion