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Of necessity, for reasons WE can’t discuss publicly right now, WE must skip over the most recent several days of specific sabotage activity in order to get directly to the urgencies of the day.


CHINA has ‘flipped’ sides again, cooperating with Obama in every way to stop deliveries and all that follows.

They assisted the blockage yesterday and again today while attempting around the clock efforts to break into the accounts.

They are denying this of course but we can assure all readers that it is true.


As MASSIVE CORRUPTION is being uncovered daily in the U.S. Treasury Department it has been learned that it is INTERCONNECTED with massive corruption within the Communist Chinese Government.

Swiss bank accounts of many Chinese Government Officials have been uncovered.

This is the reason for their cooperation with the Obama Administration.

  Get the picture?


More when possible,


                         Casper   1-23-11