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·         Did you read about the ‘covering’ of the statue of George Washington at a NAACP meeting in South Carolina this week? Another once good and decent organization now descended into the Liberal Cesspool of Stupidity over the last few years.


·         Be sure to read and watch the video-“The evils of Obama and Emanuel” posted on RMN today by ‘Mr. Ed’. Of course you already knew, did you not, of Obama’s homosexual history?


·         No doubt you have noticed that I, and WE, have shied away from the Dinar Dialog going on all over the internet.

     First, it is not ‘our business’.  

     Second, WE know what it is like to have ‘ignorants’ talking about our business when they know less than nothing. 

    Third, WE do not enjoy bringing bad news to anyone about anything and do so only when WE are convinced our Intel is correct.

    In this instance WE began to hear weeks ago that the Dinar Deal was/is a SCAM being implemented by the U.S. Corporation/Obama/Hillary/Biden/Iraq in still another attempt to save themselves. Just the latest in a long list of scams we heard, many of which were disclosed here, to raise the Trillions necessary to continue their Fraudulent Financial Playpen, themselves in power, as their Bank Accounts were frozen around the world. This ‘scam’ was, we heard, the reason why Hillary was recently in the mid-east. Also Biden even more recently.


     There have been so many positive things posted about this Iraq RV. So many of you have ‘invested’ and held out hope it would work as described.


     Our Intel in this regard was not secret but we had no desire to discuss someone else’s business publicly, especially since our info did not agree with the positive things being posted. Recently however I have questioned whether silence is just a way of dodging what we believe to be the truth.

    Also whether, if I were an ‘investor’ in the Iraq Dinar RV, I would rather have all Intel available or just the ‘good news’ postings?

    I have decided to discuss this subject, to clear my own conscience (about remaining silent) and hopefully to help those involved who I believe are being mislead by TPTB.


    As I understand it, this was yet another plan designed by ‘the bad guys’ to raise Trillions for the purpose of continuing the status quo. To do so they planned a RV of the Dinar but it had to be backed by metals or it would remain just another worthless Fiat currency.

    The plan was to ‘Securitize’ the Iraqi oil ‘in the ground’ income stream for the next hundred years with derivatives using it as collateral for a metals backed re-valued Dinar. While small investors would have made some money it was the U.S. Corporation which would have made the Trillions necessary to continue their scamming and world control financial machinations. This deal was, WE hear, ‘blown up’ a week ago.

     Had it worked as planned ‘they’ would have acquired the ‘recapitalization’ of their criminal enterprise allowing them to semi- permanently continue to block the distribution of the Settlements/Prosperity Program Fundings. Now, judging by the dozens of articles appearing on the net, the world is finally awakening to the unbelievable levels of corruption that is the Obama Administration.

     Multiply all you are now reading by a hundred.

     Are we 100% certain about this Dinar situation?

    No, I am just reporting our Intel from a week ago which has been reinforced with additional Intel today.


·         A phone call just received says Rush Limbaugh has just now opened his daily radio show with Obama’s Kenyon Birth Certificate and Hawaii Governor Abercrombie’s inability to produce a Hawaii Birth Certificate as he said he would.


     Do you understand the deceit, the Sedition, the TREASON this represents not only by Obama but also the Democratic Party?

     Is there anything, anything at all, that will cause you Liberals to wake up and understand the ‘sell-out’ of your country to such as Soros and the NWO, OWO?  Anything?


·         It is vital that every American recognize the PARTICIPATION of the STATE CONTROLLED MEDIA in this sell-out of our country. IMO the top one hundred officers of each of the half dozen media conglomerates owning 90+% of American Media Outlets should be JAILED FOR TREASON.


    Also, every Government Official with hidden Vatican and Swiss Bank Accounts containing funds stolen from Treasury and the American people.

    Every Cabinet Member, every Military Official. Washington D.C. is a cesspool of corruption, the Beltway is a giant toilet seat, the U.S. Senate is a Whorehouse. 

    Our ‘Law of the Sea’ Maritime Court system is equally corrupt. ‘Protection’ they scream, ‘we gotta have protection’.

    They are aware that the people are waking up.


·         The Banks, Obama, The Fed and Geithners Treasury, with the help of all those reported here dozens of times before, continue to do every possible thing to stop deliveries, the new banking system and the exposures.

    This is a daily, even hourly battle.

    It is a life or death situation for them and there is nothing, nothing, they won’t do to stop the world and their own families from learning about all the things they have done.


·         The Bankers are not our friends and those who look to them for their Intel are being fed ‘the company line’ every day. 

      Fiat to metals cancels ‘fractional’ and 90% of their Fraudulent Financial Games with which they control the world.


·         This long drawn out ‘War of the Financial Titans’ is  playing out at the very highest levels of world power.

       Ours is the role of ‘spectators’ so together we have no choice but to be spectators some more.



                                                                 Casper   1-21-11   opinion