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This plan was presented to and approved by a World Court Judge arriving Stateside this morning. At 12:03 p.m. the Military called the Judge to say the packs were in position. This was not true at noon or at 12:15 or at 12:30. The judge was notified. The packs were subsequently located, still in Treasury. This subterfuge and sabotage was hatched by Geithner, the Military and all the carriers with Fed Ex playing the leading role, but all were ‘in on it’, UPS, etc. etc..


After first refusing to turn over the packs the Judge did obtain them and opened a few only to once again find items missing obviously under the direction of Geithner. He was threatened with immediate arrest by the Judge and given a certain amount of time to again reconstruct the packs. This is supposedly underway right now.


In addition, another 78B is now missing from Treasury. This deposit to Treasury was to be used to pay bills and make good previous F&P thefts. The money vanished. WE have subsequently learned that the funds were moved to Geithners “Other Treasury Dept.” in Switzerland. The funds have been frozen. Geithner, Obama, The Clintons and others tried to access these funds after their arrival in Switzerland.


Bill Gates, not Def. Sec. Gates who was in China at the time,  continued to try to access accounts in Switzerland and Italy with his fancy software, no luck WE hear.


More when possible,


                                      Casper   1-12-11