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As previously reported the bad guys, led by Obama, always have another SCAM waiting in the wings should the SCAM Du JOUR fail.

Remember the 700T Bond Scam?

Then the Fiat Funds to the Caribbean Banks to be substituted for our funds as we arrive in the banks?

The current overnight scam which involves a complicit Supreme Court goes like this:


The packs get delivered, Obama immediately issues an Executive Order to seize all packs/and or funds and the Supreme Court has already or is on stand-by to issue a ruling saying he is acting Constitutionally.


OUR ‘Federal Judiciary’ contacts say ‘ it would not be worth the paper it is written on’ without a declaration of war (as was done during WWII) by the Congress.

Obama says/claims he can do anything he wants because he is the Supreme Ruler.

The good guys have seen this coming and advise us not to worry about it as it is being handled.


The Court is refusing to release to ANYONE Fridays Court Rulings covered in previous reports confirming that they remain in bed with Obama regardless of recent ‘flip-flops’ to our side and back again.


They all have their tails ‘caught in a crack’ and are struggling mightily to escape.


Casper  1-9-11    #1