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riving there approximately 3:30 P.M. EST. The packs are there now but are once again in the hands of ‘the good guys’.


For reasons not yet known the World Court and the Supreme Court apparently ‘folded’ to Obama and were participants in the turn- around of the packs and the subsequent subterfuge (lies). It is not difficult to guess the probable reason as Blackmail as the Bribes were previously paid but now frozen.


Simultaneous with all this Obama was in another rage we hear, advising all within shouting distance that he is in fact GOD and the Ruler of this Planet. He had been advised this morning that announcements would be made tomorrow night and the best thing he could do would be to duck and/or run. His reply was that he OWNS all media in this country, that they are bought and paid for and will do exactly as he instructs. He goes on to say that if any of the things reported in these updates slips through the American People will not believe it any way as they love him so much. He says he will deny the funds in the frozen Vatican Accounts belong to him or his family members and even if proof is disseminated the people will  believe him no matter what, and to tell you the truth friends WE have no doubt he speaks for 40% of the sheeple in this Country who are deaf, dumb and blind and care only about their next Government check. He says he can ‘play the people’ and will do so on behalf of all the D.C. Criminals if it becomes necessary.


Regarding the Supreme Court Rulings yesterday alluded to in previous updates WE are reliably advised but so far unable to obtain a written copy, that the Court ruled that Obama is not Constitutionally Qualified and is not the legal President of the United States. Further, a second Ruling supposedly says Homeland Security is Unconstitutional. WE hear the vote’s were eight to zero.  WE will continue to seek proof and continue to report about this subject.


As you can each observe our world and our country are teetering on the brink of permanent tyranny. Following the Bush Senior method of operation anyone who is anyone has been bribed and brought aboard the Criminal Gravy Train including the MSM, all at the peoples expense. Do WE expect this outcome? Not no but hell no.  Killing an evil snake with a thousand evil heads is not easy but God has a sufficient number of helpers willing to grab a hoe. How about you?


By now you are likely aware that the many projects and programs which follow us have now encountered their own delays. That will continue to be the case until the Criminal Organization now headed by Obama is defeated.


Remember friends, they are broke. Their funds have been frozen and their attempts to raid our accounts have failed. Maintain your faith.


More when possible,


                                            Casper   1-8-11  #2   evening