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Recently their remarks have been directed more specifically at those working for recipients saying, “they do not have the capabilities to do what they are doing”. That ‘it is not possible they could find the accounts and uncover each of our plans’. Have WE not informed you gentlemen of our assistance from “on high”? Could it be the crooks who work for you actually work for us?


Last night’s update referencing more than 80 accounts located was in error. Right now the number is between 600 and 700 and growing. Accounts have been found for nearly every Senator and House member. For all Supreme Court Justices save and except the last two appointments. WE are looking for those and if they exist they will be found. The accounts balances range from a few Million to more than a Billion. They average in the ‘middle millions’. The higher on ‘the food chain’ the greater the account balance. The Geithner and John Roberts accounts are in excess of a Billion each. There are other accounts buried in other locations being uncovered daily. Tell us Gentlemen, if WE have no capability how are we doing this? WE know whereof we speak and by now you have surely realized as much.


Your overnight plan was to pull the packs back. A targeted message; “Do that and see what happens next”.


After all, you broke the United States and the American People. WE see no reason why you should retain their money or any money for that matter. You should consider it GONE. Every one of your accounts.


More if necessary,


                             Casper   1-8-11


P.S. No accounts owned by the incoming Freshmen have been located.