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There is a great amount of activity on many fronts which WE will likely disclose later.  The following takes precedence.


The packs were located this morning in a closet in Geithners office in Treasury. They have been retrieved.


The following are STATEMENTS by Obama this morning:


“I am the Supreme Ruler of this country and the world. No one can arrest me”.


“ Anyone who tries to take the packs out of D.C. will be put six feet under.  They will never leave D.C.”.


He then again threatened the lives of the recipients. The ‘delivery dilemma’ continues. Obama has ordered HLS to stop the packs from leaving D.C. no matter what it takes. The Supreme Court has ordered the packs delivered, says they will not be stopped and that Obama is now in violation of their Judicial Orders.


More when possible,


Casper   1-7-11