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A few days ago certain members of LEGATUS, a worldwide group of Catholic Business Leaders, stepped forward to assist in getting the deliveries accomplished. They have now been squashed by their ‘Higher Councils’ which, we hear from our “UFO CONTACTS”, have been promised huge payoffs from the POPE and THE QUEEN. Their higher echelon, our UFO CONTACTS now advise, have joined the ‘around the clock’ efforts to break into our accounts. WE are also advised that their account balances increased greatly simultaneous with the worldwide financial crash in 2008. Some say this organization is the modern day version of OPUS DEI. It is led in the U.S. by Thomas Monaghan the founder of Dominoes Pizza and is having their annual convention at the RITZ in Naples, Florida in February. There are reputed to be some 5000 members worldwide, all Catholic, usually CEO’s of major Corporations. Many articles on the Net claim they act in concert and caused the Stock Market crashes in 1987 and 2008 making vast sums of money always followed by a pilgrimage to the Vatican where they drop off the Vatican’s share of the money made off the shared misery of the common man worldwide. WE have no personal knowledge of these things. WE do have knowledge of their current attempts to raid our accounts and the promised pay-offs reported above. These “Leaders of Men” thought, as did those exposed yesterday, their accounts in the Vatican Bank could never be found. Ooop's.  Every imaginable ‘STALL’ is being employed to buy time to continue their assault upon the accounts.


The existing SATANIST worldwide Fiat Financial Establishment will do anything, anything at all, to preserve their Fraudulent Financial Playpen, themselves in power and to avoid the exposures which go way beyond those reported here.


More when possible.


                                 Casper   1-6-11