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Mitch McConnell,  Senate Republican Leader and John Boehner, House Republican Speaker both have hidden slush fund accounts in the Vatican Bank as do most all Senators and Congressmen /women.

Big money was in each of the accounts. The longer they have been in office the greater the account balance. The incoming Freshmen do not have such accounts.


They are all trying to stop the unfolding investigation saying ‘this will cause the collapse of the U.S. Government if it is not stopped’.

No friends, it will cause the collapse of the Criminal Organization masquerading as the U.S. Government.

The incoming freshmen say the investigation will continue, it will not be stopped, there will not be a cover-up.


Their attitude is ‘let the corruption and the TRAITORS be exposed’ and the Criminal Organization collapse.


More when possible,


Casper   1-5-11   #2