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Slush fund accounts have been located and seized from within the greatest criminal organization in world history and their Bank, WE refer of course to THE VATICAN. The accounts were deeply buried but not deep enough.


The source of funds for these accounts in most every instance was/is the U.S. Treasury Department. There was no expectation these accounts would ever be located or the funds found much less repaid to Treasury. In other words THE MONEY WAS STOLEN FROM THE U.S. TREASURY AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and any other source’ they’ could lay hands on.


Owners of these Slush Fund Accounts include John Roberts and Tiny Tim Geithner. The top echelon of the Vatican including the Pope and several Cardinals. Obama, Michelle and each of their children. Michelle’s mother. The Bushes and the Clintons including the Clintons daughter. Joe Biden. The U.S. Provost Marshal and several Military Chiefs of Staff. The head of HLS, Janet Napalitano. Several U.S. Judicial Officers, i.e. Judges. Several Senators and Congressmen .Also the JAG.  


Regarding deliveries, heads up.


More exposures as they becomes available.


                                     Casper   1-5-11