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Dove of Oneness passed away on May 30th 2010

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Dove of Oneness passed away on May 30th 2010

This will be the last email that comes from this email address.  This email is being written by the webmaster of  And as such are my thoughts and opinions.  I recommend to the reader to use your discernment in all information that I’m sure you will hear about Dove - this email included.   Tami of the NTAT has set up a yahoo group that will continue with the objectives of NESARA.  Those who wish to be apprised of the ongoing activities should become a member of this group, you can click here to be sent to the group.

I at this time would like to share this email with Tami – her comments are included now.  My two cents will come later.

On May 30th 2010 at 6:10 PM, the Dove of Oneness passed from this earthly plane to return home once more to a sainted welcome.  It was with great sorrow that her family and friends, who stood with and protected her in her greatest hour, bade farewell to our sister, our friend, our mentor, our leader, and our inspiration, the Dove of Oneness.  Let there be no mistake, nor any misconstruing of her story that when told, this one woman will one day be considered no less than the Jeanne d’ Arc of our time.  She enlightened us on so many levels and had the Truth on her shoulder, when so many were still struggling to understand our changing world.

Those of us who were present in the final hours, during which a spiritual battle raged for ten days in a small hospital room, we saw, felt and witnessed the ultimate sacrifice the Dove of Oneness made in order to complete her unrelenting mission, a mission driven by her love for humanity, animals and all good beings of this planet. Hers was a mission that cost her life on this plane but most certainly an ending she was willing to endure and a price she was prepared to pay, knowing it would signal the Prime Creator to finish the mission as written should the hierarchy fail and she were to die.  Upon Dove’s death, the Prime Creator would appear, stop the earth changes from occurring and remove all male hierarchy from this universe vigorously and immediately.  These actions did take place and we all stand ALIVE today because they did.

Although the Dove of Oneness, Shaini Goodwin as she was known by family and friends, had every intention of continuing on to help bring NESARA to fruition, she also knew we could never have fulfilled the mission if the earth changes were to have taken place—Thus, being the girl with the plan, her one sure fire way to insure the Prime Creator’s arrival on the scene, was to flip that monitor on – and so she did.  For this one selfless act, the world owes the Dove of Oneness the highest of respect and honor, with a noble tribute to a true hero.  Indeed, we are all in her debt.

The Dove of Oneness left a very large footprint and a road map for us to follow.  Her vast work and her immense contribution to humanity will not have been done in vain because we, her ‘A Team’, as she so endearingly coined the term, will continue on in her stead and remain ever more committed to NESARA and to the uplifting of humanity.  Knowing what we know, seeing what we’ve seen and working side by side with Dove, I know she truly was the girl with the plan and she fulfilled her Destiny to be the torch bearer for the Truth and the Consciousness that is NESARA.

Dove lived and breathed life into the spirit of NESARA every day.  As a friend and dedicated member of her organization, I enjoyed many, many golden opportunities to sit and work with Dove, handling particular tasks or doing whatever else was necessary to keep pressing on towards the goal.  She created a system, built a team and has now left us, the true inhabitants of earth a lighted pathway that she blazed for us to not only follow, but to now take the lead.

So it is with great honor that those of us who continue to fight the good fight in raising humanity by bringing forth NESARA, pick up the gauntlet that the Dove of Oneness long-carried so courageously to Victory and bring it to a final, successful conclusion-- the NESARA announcement.

This is truly now our legacy to fulfill.


ALL investors can still go to for a chance to invest in the very special trades that Shaini Goodwin set up, delivering more than favorable returns.   All contacts are still viable.

This website will stay up and running until June 30th.  Those who are called to help carry the gauntlet or would like to be informed on services for Shaini - can start by going here:


With great respect for the All, I sign off

Tami Terusa

NTAT Region 1 Director

US & Canada


The below is from the webmaster:

When I first was introduced to Dove – I knew very little other that what her daily email messages gave.  I learned of NESARA and what needed to be done to right the USA so that the US of A could then be that shining example to the rest of the world.  I learned of the Urantia Book  and also the Phoenix Journals giving me knowledge of the  Creators actions.  I am grateful for Patrick Bellringer and his wife Ann for publishing the early Dove reports had it not been for their unselfish acts of service we all would be left for want.   Dove’s early reports talked about NESARA and the spirituality of this act.  This NESARA act was originally thought to have been passed but not implemented via a gag order.  Later Dove reports indicated that it had not been passed.  All of this information can be found at the official website for NESARA at .  Dove found through her emails that most of her readers could not get a grasp of the spirituality of NESARA.  So she changed her email direction and did not discuss the spirituality of NESARA instead talked about the physical steps that needed to be done to get the law passed and implemented.    I share this reader’s digest version of NESARA and Dove history so that the reader understands what I have felt when talking with her directly as her webmaster.  She was more concerned for her fellow humans than herself.  She lived modestly and was extremely sensitive to the donations that were given to help the NESARA cause.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the financial help that the NESARA website received from Candace Frieze – CEO of  The AbundantHope website picked up the spiritual side of NESARA which later went global as GESARA.  More information regarding the current spiritual love of our Divine Creator and what actions are coming (and happening now) can be found on the website of AbundantHope as well as White Knights 911.

NESARA was and never is about just you or me it is about leveling the playing field.  Allowing man to exist and improve as he ascends.  I recommend to the reader for further light and knowledge to learn of the Divine Creator through his contacts both past and present.  Dove has moved on in her progression.    She has accomplished a great work and is continuing in her path of ascension.     It is time for action for each of us – no more fence sitters – the work of eternal progression continues.  The time for action is now.


I am that I am ~ Namaste

from the God within me, to the God within you

Vibrant health, happiness and an appreciation for the present moment, while making progress toward our ideal future.

You could have the best tools in the world, but if you never pick them up and use them, your life will never change. On the other hand, just a little bit of attention each day can and will bring miracles in your life.

June 11, 2010

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