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On the Hope for Change

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  From: Eldon W
Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2010 9:14 PM
Subject: On the Hope For Change
Oh well!  When NESARA is implemented, all the problems will be solved.  (Sigh......)

I think some noted personality once said something like this: "Good government can't come from ignorant and/or evil people." And, most of humanity seems to fall into one or both catagories.

So, even if NESARA is 'for real', and/or the 'Restore America' action plan would be successful, it scares me to think of what could  possibly follow that would be just a trail back into the slaughterhouse  corral for the sheeple, considering the ignorance rampant within the American people. 

For instance, the stated goal of the Restore America is to go back to the 1870 version of the US CON-stitution. As I explained in their response blog, "If you started out on the wrong road to your desired destination at the beginning of your journey, then going 1/2 way back to your starting point will not alter the fact that you 'can't get there  from here' ('There' being the original desired destination).

The 'beginning point' of the American Republic was on, or about July 1st 1776 -  just before the Declaration of Independence was signed into  existence on July 4th, 1776.  Without the 'property right' being inserted within that document, the American people were set out upon the 'wrong  road' that only leads to dictatorship and despotism. If you don't have

property rights, then you don't have control of your primary 'unalienable right' - your life. Also, if you cannot take your property - your labour, or the fruits of your labour, to market (liberty), you cannot sustain your life. But, if you do not have 'ownership' of your labour, or fruits of your  labour, then 'liberty' is of no value.

I have a critique of the Declaration of Independence and the real 'declaration of rights' for the American Republic, George Mason's 'Declaration of Rights for  Virginia', dated June 4th, 1776.


It is not as prosaic as Jefferson's Declaration of Independence, but, in detail, much more accurate relative to forming a truly independent America  free of subjugating policy of the Vatican. As it remained, America (Virginia)  remained the property of the Pontiff of Rome and his secular Holy Roman  Empire, and that included ownership of the American people, as 'subjects'  of the Pontiff of Rome' - which means ownership of their mental and/or physical labour. That is obviously why Jefferson left out the 'property right'.

*Claimed ownership of the America's is found in the 'Papal Bull of 1493'.

*Claimed ownership of all humanity is found in Papal Bull 'Unam Sanctam'

1302 - (last sentence), and reconfirmed as recently as 2000 AD by

Cardinal Ratzinger.

*Claims of the Pope as 'Ruler of the World'