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WE can now confirm Obama's secret meetings with the Iranians in Russia over the weekend. Although WE don't know every detail it goes something like this:
Obama was there to "SELL OUT" THE United States and aspects of the United States MILITARY. Among other things the "Treaty" presented by Obama promised to deliver to them by noon today one TRILLION dollars. The source of funds is in China. He was to receive two TRILLION from them, give one TRILLION to IRAN and one TRILLION for himself, this in addition to whatever else he agreed to hand over to them.
He was told by the Iranians that their Intell says he is not the legal President of THE United States.  Obama responded, paraphrasing, that he is the President of everything and the PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD and everyone will do as he instructs.  
Our "Presidents" funds will not be arriving from China, not this morning, not ever. WE know who was to transfer the funds from China to Obama and the reason why it won't happen but no need to go into that 'here'. His source in China now has his own problems and says he knew Obama was a S.O.B. but had no idea he was willing to sell his country and the American people down the river. Obama also told him that "you will obey my orders" and was told "no, I will not".
Besides money, the additional give-a-ways to Iran had something to do with Israel and the Nuclear Situation. One aspect was Obama's personal GUARANTEE Israel will not attack Iran and that he would come to their defense if they did.  WE are not clear what all Obama was to receive in return.
The packs are supposedly out this morning for delivery late today.
               casper   4-19-10   #1