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  OPINION: The former Director of the CBO says the current CBO Director had no choice but to "score" the healthcare bill exactly as given to them by Pelosi/Reid/Obama and they are not allowed to point out the "gamesmanship" (my word) going on.
He went on to say that 'facts' not considered by CBO causes a minimum of a $600,000,000,000. (billions) difference between reality and the numbers being presented to the American people by Obama. The Republicans say the fraud is substantially greater. In spite of all the bribery, blackmail and fraudulent numbers some forty percent of the people support this 2500 page abomination. We were enroute to financial ruin before this bill, this simply helps to speed up the destruction of the economy and the country. The bill is unconstitutional to begin with (Gov't. can't order Citizens to buy something/insurance), endows Government with still more CONTROL over citizens, facilitates the greater plan of destruction of the Free Enterprise System, speeds the Bankruptcy of the States, dilutes the quality and speed of healthcare delivery, doubles the participation in the already overburdened Medicaid Program, steals 500B from Medicare, provides Government with direct, immediate and legal access to all individual and business financial records, mandates a national I.D. card, increases IRS employment by 16,000 people, further burdens small business in time of recession and a dozen other equally bad things. AND, it establishes a visible and tangible record of the Democrats determination to "take over" all aspects of American life, not just Banks, Insurance Companies, Auto Companies, GSE's, etc., i.e. welcome to Communism in America delivered with compliments from the "we don't give a damn what you think" Democratic Party. It seems obvious decisions have been made that the left wing extremist, unlikely to ever again have this amount of CONTROL in D.C., have decided to push through as many of their extremist plans as possible and to heck with elections. This is just the beginning folks. The first steps involved Business, Banks and Financial matters so you may not have been paying close attention. Now it gets personal. Now we get the "CHANGE" the people unwittingly voted for. Now even your own body and what care it will be allowed will be managed by Government. As Pelosi recently said, "as soon as we kick this door down there is more to follow". REID inserted language into the bill saying "no future Congress can change". This is all political not health care and it is a political disaster for the Country unleashing the Liberals (Socialist/Communist) to takeover and CHANGE America in more ways than you can presently imagine.
In response to the Opinion Piece written on 2-16-10 Mr. Alan Kreglow has provided the requested history of the Colonist experiment with Communism which is available now at . Won't you please take a few minutes to read this? Are we to come full circle and repeat the mistakes of the past? Or shall we remember how and why America became the greatest economic power in recorded history? Even PUTIN has recently warned OBAMA "Don't go there. It's a dead end". He was referring to Marxism/Communism.
COMMON SENSE is the bitter enemy of the left. We must send common sense not pretty faces and smooth talkers to Washington. And should we be so fortunate as to have the current crop of CORPORATE whores and idiots removed via a return to the Constitution, then, like the Colonist, we must grasp the opportunities provided by freedom not the slavery demanded by Central Government control of everything, i.e. Communism.
                     casper   3-19-10