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The packs had left  B of A in Charlotte for delivery to us today.
OBAMA had them intercepted and returned to D.C. (enroute now).  
He again says we will never see them.
He is now joined by all  the Country's who say "we must have the funds for operating capital".
They say they are going to get the funds one way or another and soon, and they will also help Obama see to it that no recipient is allowed to receive a package.
They are demanding the charges against Webber be dropped and regarding the Banks Money used to bribe all these Government Officials in all these countries they say, they actually say, these were legitimate bribes paid to them and they are not going to return the money to the bank from which Webber stole it to pay the bribes. Understand please, they are all caught up in the Embezzlement Charges as recipients of the stolen funds.   
Then OBAMA says he will let the packs go if the charges against Webber are dropped. The response was "NO".
He is trying to stop the affidavits of the Banker fingering Obama, the Queen and the others.
Too late, already being obtained.
News continues to break even as I type: Now the Country's are saying they will not allow anyone to receive the packages as they arrive back in D.C. and that they will take them by force if necessary upon their arrival.  
Suddenly the World Court has stepped up and told the Country's these are International Packs and they are not to touch them.
The Country's tell the Court they will do as the Country's instruct and they will take them by force if necessary. The Court responds the packs belong to the people, to the designated recipients, that they will back the people not the Countries and that they will take them by force if necessary.
The situation right now is--SHOWDOWN TIME--all over again.
The war continues. More when possible.
                 casper  1-14-10  #2 
p.s. The Country's have just stated that they are aware that what they are doing is illegal, that they don't give a damn, that they must have the money and they are going to get it and that they do not care what the World Court says about it.