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OVERNIGHT the largest Embezzlement Scandal in the history of Europe has been unfolding.
WEBBER, the head of Bundesbank was under the thumb of the QUEEN and the OBAMA/CLINTON/BUSH crowd are also involved. Major countries are also involved. AUDITORS have been crawling all over the bank all night long. The amounts of missing and mis-appropriated funds are well into the T's. Accounts had been set up for all the bad guys including those named above along with U.S. Senators and Congressmen. So much money has been "siphoned off" its questionable whether the full extent of the theft will ever be determined. Hedge funds are involved. Billionaires bank accounts raided and siphoned. There is total meltdown at Bundesbank this morning. Auditors are going through every account. There is PANIC with the Billionaires whose accounts have been looted. Don't know yet how many Country's were involved. These were well conceived schemes, difficult to find and deal with. Bush, Clinton, Obama and the Queen leaders of the pack with Webber their pawn and full participant. He had been in D.C. since before Christmas "to see to it deliveries were made immediately" but was actually the bad guys last line of defense and also offense as such massive thefts are most certainly offensive. Unclear as yet is the "use of funds". WE presume they were used to backfill black holes, to split among the leaders and to keep the bribery going worldwide necessary to preservation of their Fraudulent Financial Playpen. Webber, WE hear, is now back in Germany and has been arrested.
Their plan was to continue this sabotage subterfuge and theft for another year by which point they thought We The People would have given up and they could seize the rest of the funds, our funds. They were using the same "if come" money, our money, to bribe everyone on the planet including many participating Country's.  
This is "the largest financial scandal to ever hit Europe" and it is spreading. No telling where the Audit Trails will lead.
The packs are on the tarmac in Charlotte. WE await further developments.
               Neil Bush, er, I mean Dick Cheney, er, I mean CIA Sorcerer, etc etc etc (yo ho ho, ha ha ha).
                  casper   1-14-10