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CASPER: OUTSTANDING WORK !! (Updated Jan. 15, 2010)

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From: Thomas
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 2:59 PM
Subject: Casper OUTSTANDING work!! Just damn beautiful. Period.

Dear Casper,

OUTSTANDING work!! Just damn beautiful. Period.

Your updates have been the ONLY thing out there for my wife and I the last two years (...didn't know about you previously) though we have been in, via Omega, since June 1995 with most of our money unfortunately--fortunately in time pray-tell. Fulford has been most helpful in a general, circuitous manner with his affirmation/knowledge of the new banking system etc. And, I must say, Story has been helpful sporadically in that--given his extensive international financial background--he gave third party affirmation that the 'Projects' are real; of course now he has pulled that carpet out with his current diatribe. As you noted, his repeated absence of any acknowledgement of accountability for his own error and misinterpretation was quickly or increasingly a red flag to me...and, for me, his sanctimonious proselytizing for Christianity another big red flag. Love, defense and declaration of one's own religion is fine and good, but those same attributes--when over the top--become tinny bugles forewarning of prejudice, closed-mind, narrow parameters for judgment, etc. At least to me.

Poofness? (formerly, Truthwarrior) What a mess. I'm not sure I've ever read so much text, so much verbiage which, on the one hand, professes to say so much, and, on the other, says so little...virtually nothing, for that matter. Then I read the little gnats on Rumormillnews constantly biting on you while defending other 'messengers'. I genuinely just don't get it. It makes no sense to me whatsoever! It is beyond stupid, and I don't mean that viciously. It is as if they come from another planet and do not understand the English language even as they use it.

You are, quite literally, the only messenger out there.

I thank you, for my wife and I, from the bottom of my heart. Really. Truly. The extraordinary vulnerability (honesty, forthrightness, openness, candor and willingness to expose yourself to attack (latter being the definition of vulnerability)) you have repeatedly demonstrated is a godsend. It is an inspiration. It is breathtakingly informative--and that's AFTER eliminating or allowing for errors of information/communication and such. It is, as well, a very nice affirmation to the goodness and grace of the human spirit.

I am not trying to massage your ego whatsoever. It is simply the literal truth as I see it and know it.

Geez, I see that I should not have said "Period" in the first paragraph. Ha.

Highest Regards,

Thomas (the Cheap Seats)

P.S. Please feel quite free to share this with any other person(s) in your life or network should you so desire. I have not reread much less edited this, but doesn't feel like there are any typos and such.

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From: Sc
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2010 3:32 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

 I also wish to thank Casper for his amazing efforts on all our parts.  I am grateful for his updates regarding which I ask for divine help in my daily prayers. 

 Casper at one time stated that there are higher forces at work. I believe with all my heart that heaven is intervening on our behalf, in one way or another, all the time.

 I pray to God our Father for peace, love, truth, healing and  purification, for myself, my family, humanity and our mother earth.  When it feels \"right\", I will also ask for justice in alignment with God\'s will to done.

 (Justice should be asked for in compassion and forgiveness, not anger...) 

 Casper, please know that you have my support and prayers.