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Yesterday the problem was the QUEEN moving funds using her "secret" override codes. WE hear that problem was solved and the packs moved for delivery this morning. When deliveries didn't occur this morning WE put on our Bird Dog Suits and found the packs at B. of A. in Charlotte. The "top man" in D.C., heading up the Countries along with two of his assistants were the culprits this time.
WE thought the job was complete only to learn the head banker up there, the headman of Germany's Central Bank Bundesbank (Alex Webber) was also involved and had to be removed.
He was working for Obama and the Queen. Their plan was to delay deliveries long enough for them to break into accounts in Europe. It happens that a huge sum, well into the T's, is missing from Bundesbank and this fellow is responsible. He desperately needed our funds to  cover his tracks. Packs have been retrieved from their hidey hole at B.of A. and are now in the proper hands for delivery tomorrow.
WE thought this banker was working for us only to learn that he had been over taken by GREED. He had set up a variety of secret accounts for the bad guys over there and word tonight is that as many charges as possible will be brought against him and he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.
WE anticipate no further interference but its a long while until tomorrow.
                      casper   1-13-10  #2