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Today's response from STORY was fully expected. If someone rained on your parade as Casper did his wouldn't you respond? His reputation is at stake, as is Casper's.
Story is being fed by MI-5, MI-6, Cottrell and the QUEEN among others getting their poop from the domestic Intell Boys allied with Obama.  He is defending his intell and his sources which is to be expected. WE are doing the same thing.
Seeing his update on the computer first thing this morning and its "headlines", my first reaction was "oh boy, here comes his best punch" and second, curiosity. And so, into the lions den I dove and after an additional brief reaction of feeling a need to puke, I found myself smiling and beginning to chuckle. Soon I found myself laughing, not a big loud laugh but a consistent laugh none the less. Then came  boredom followed by extreme boredom. Finally, a recognition of his usual M.O. of stacking bricks on sand castles regarding who and what Casper and associates are and his mental confusion about the subject of "our business".
I bet you would like to see this tit-a-tat continue now wouldn't you? Nothing like a good boxing match to get the juices flowing. Surely you recognize by now this additional M.O. of his of attacking violently all who disagree with his "soon to be for sale" highly slanted British Monarchial version of events don't you? As is normal it would be Childs play to tear apart and convert to toilet paper his update today.
WE don't have the time. WE could make the time as we did previously but it is such a waste of time. It is so very boring, so monotonous. WE might as well spar with the postman so little importance do we place on his mis-interpretations.
The proof is in the pudding so to speak. You Operation Stillpoint participating, criminalized, Al Quida supporting, Bush allied, Securities Law violating, lawsuit filing, poor pitiful ponzi victims are about to receive your non-existent packages literally at any moment which will put to rest once and for all times his self serving, Queen serving mis-interpretations of "our business".
                    casper   1-13-10
p.s. By the way, her Ladyship is still cursing this morning.