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This update is directed to Freedom Recipients only.
The Trigger Packs ( the Freedom Packages) were again scheduled for delivery today.
The packs went to Canada instead where they were intercepted and returned to a certain Embassy in D.C. where Auditors were waiting.
They discovered that multiple "chips" had been inserted into the cards which were designed to automatically download as much as 80% of each participants funds to the accounts of the CRIMINALS as the cards were activated. This would not have been visible to the recipients, the funds would have simply vanished.
The accounts set up to receive the soon to be stolen funds have been closed.
This was/is a joint operation of OBAMA and the QUEEN.
This update is directed to Freedom Recipients only. Instructions "from the top" says:   DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ACCESS/ACTIVATE ANY OF THE CARDS IN THE PACKS.       It will be necessary to go to the MOTHER/FUNDING Bank overseas and have the cards re-issued/replaced.   Disabling the chips would render the cards INOPERABLE. YOU WILL KNOW WHAT BANK TO GO TO. There will be $ in the packs for Travel and Expenses.
Delivery of these packages has now been rescheduled for delivery @8 a.m tomorrow morning in each time zone.
If additional instructions become available WE will report them.
WE may have to make an effort to contact each FREEDOM RECIPIENT by telephone tomorrow morning to re-affirm these instructions, if WE find this is necessary, or any changes need to be conveyed.
The Information above is quite clear and concise.
You decide.
            WE, Casper and Assoc.       11-19-09