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FROM 'S': 'I CANNOT KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT !' (Updated with comments 11/9/09)


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Wow.... that's about all I can say about the whole thing right now after reading C's overnight report and then Heneghan and Storyteller.  Even Fulford is in the mix with his inside take on things, which is much more in synch with Heneghan than he is with Poof, or Storyteller when it comes down to Obama and the Cabal.  Storyteller simply cannot accept the facts re: his Monarchy, and takes aim at anyone who challenges his more than arrogant presumption to be "the man in the know" about all such things.   All one has to do is look at the history of the thing called the Monarchy and it's more than half a millenia of genocide and invasions for permanent conquest and occupation to 'sort it all out'.

Heneghan and Story seem to be on same page about some things [odd], while Story continues his nipping at Heneghan's heels, and his obtuse blocking of deep information about and irrational support for HMQ and the Monarchy. ..merely a 'victim' of the DVD 'Box Gang'.  Talk about 'dialectic'.    How can this guy so lightly treat the fact that Bush Sr., Wanta [whoever / whatever he is in reality], Reagan, Greenspan, and a host of other US and British political and millitary hacks have all sworn allegiance to HMQ and been knighted?   They are Her carefully screened and chosen 'knights', and if allegiance is sworn, that is 'agreement to perform' as expected upon 'call'.  Now, Storyteller would have the world believe that HMQ is something other than what she and her ancestral line of maligned power-crazed self-importance have evidenced themselves to be [fascist feudal genocidal "empire" building maniacs operating on 5 continents and claiming to own and otherwise control / rule over  60+% of the total land mass of the world], all, of course, in close proximity to the Jesuits and the Vatican Orders, which are all themselves Khazar - Zionist at root, as is Her 'line' and Institution.

Obama seems to be 'the man' of many faiths, genes, faces, powers and authorities, alignments, subject to many obligations by his choice and actions, as if many circles or spheres of influence or control existed.  I suspect that there is but one sphere, with a nexus too dark to elaborate, and which has, like Obama, many facets in the live action underway, all of it in 'dialectic' [treble force] action -reaction play game.   Story has a certain take on Obama, which concludes that he was more or less compelled to surround himself by all these Zionist Nazi criminals, and that he, therefore, has his hands tied and cannot otherwise act differently even if he wanted to.  Cut me a break!!

Heneghan doesn't seem to go near that far with his assessment and conclusion about Obama's individual play action, but does conclude that he is completely surrounded by the Hosts of Darkness and to a large degree is unable, even if willing, to get them to bow down to the Ruler of the World and obey.  Sorry, but I have no capacity to intake and assimilate any presumption that Obama is somehow just a 'pawn' regarding the slime he surrounds himself with by choice.  He may very well be a willing consort to the Bush - Clinton Cabal, but they are themselves in consort and concert with players that far surpass the ordinary psycho - social pathology of mere "heads of state" turned over to dark powers.   Obama does not act alone in a vacuum, nor do those with whom he works with in goose-styled lock step.  

HMQ may appear or try to give the impression of working to compel the new banking system, but me thinks that the idea of a new system that She and her own would compel upon the world is merely a revised / amended / reformed or restructured SWAMP CREATURE, operating as and within the 'DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA' as Her delivery system of taxable - bondable securitized 'real property' assets.....the American People, living under perpetual subordination and occupation.  Thus, by all means, implement the new system, but don't let it acknowledge or implement reinstatement of the organic Republic, nor allow the American People to be returned and reinstated as "sovereigns without subjects", who are kings or queens in their own house on their own soil within a freely expreessing soul essence, and which has authority over the apparat of the Government which they chose to create many years ago.  Queenie would loose her 'jewel', and loss of subjects or franchise operations is not remotely in Her or 'family' interest.....The Monarchy and the 'family' have always been predisposed to fight yet another war or use any means necessary to subvert and acquire the lands and People of the American Union.   Is there any doubt about it?  If so, what is the support for such an insane presumption?

Interesting that, given Storyteller presupposes and has well established that he is one of the foremost authorities on 'US history' outside the "United States, he has never clarified what he means by using the word art, "the American people" or the "United States of America", which is "so dearly beloved" by himself and his Queen and the government of Her Majesty.   What charter document establishes the context of his word art referring to either the American People or the United States of America, United States etc.?   When I tried to present research to him and engage his seeming intelligence and investigative research and reporting capacity some few years ago, wherein I went into the 'diversity' and 'distinction' issues of the American People vs. "US citizenship" and the sovereign nation states of the Republic vs. the admiralty Democracy within the District of Columbia / THE UNITED STATES, he refused to 'go there' stating that it was all an attempt by yet another 'operative' of the dark warren to divert and distract away from what was most relevant.   I had to give him my name and address location in order for him to run a background check on exactly who I was, and furthermore gave him federal case sites in the local federal judicial district with which I was or had been involved.  What he claims to be most relevant is yet today a focus on the Nazi DVD long range "world revolution", which, of course, his Queen, and other players affiliated therewith have no part in. My ass!! 

Fulford and Heneghan revelations are simply consistent with what is obvious and known to those who have taken the time to research the "family" and its history of covert involvement with Khazar Zionism and Nazi fascism, just like the Scherff / Bush family, which of course is genetically tied to the same blood line of the slitherin snake.  A well researched book from some few years ago documents certain evidence that can only lead one to conclude Hitler was a British double agent.  This same allegation has been recently exposed elsewhere as well.   So, rather than go with that thread and follow it into the 'dark warren' where he choses not to tread, he rants and criticizes in defense of the non-defensible.  Very weird for such a man of righteousness and faith.

Poof is another one who proselytizes Obama as 'the chosen', apparently, giving his readers the impression that Obama was hand picked by the Power Elite [in Story's language, 'those who matter'] to return the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to uSA Constitution?  That cannot happen for many reasons, the first one being that they are not the same construct politically or otherwise.   Only the original Republic can be the original Republic.  The Republic can no more operate 'within the District of Columbia' than the District can operate within the Republic.  They are two diverse jurisdictions and sovereign authority nation - states.   So, Obama is going to implement and cause the reinstatement of the organic Constitution while also WHAT?  Making sure the Dragon Queen and the Vatican and the DVD all still maintain control of the apparat and the "Treasury" and those 'recipients' of funds under various program payouts?   

Someone is still trying to block implementation of NESARA, while at the same time moving forward with "a" new Basel II / III more or completely 'transparent' banking and monetary system.   Is this just Obama?  Not in your lifetime.  Is it just Bush Sr. and the slime around Obama?  Not in your lifetime.  Could it have anything to do with those who control most of the wealth and lay claim or have 'right of claim' in effect on the lands and peoples of most of the world, except the Chinese?  You be the judge for yourself, dear readers.  Just because we are not able to be the fly on their wall does not mean that we continue to remain incoherent and 'ignorant' of the obvious connections between dynasty family and monarchy family power, which always uses diversionary and direct mis / dis means to redirect attention away from TRUTH and FACT.  

If the above speculation or assertion is remotely true, regarding the progressive movement toward a new system, but based upon maintenance of status quo power centers and assertion of claims over sovereign nations and Peoples, the established paradigm players would essentially remain unscathed and in control of the various aspects of their long range Plan and apparat.  I make note that Storyteller rants righteously about typical 'geo-masonic' strategic activities, but fails to acknowledge the Monarchy's and Queen's primary involvement in such Luciferian operations.   There are well publicized photos on the net which show the Queen with her hand signal 'mudras' of the Satanic 'ram's horn' with two fingers hidden and two fingers extended, and other photos with her and her family with their Knight of Malta Stars and Masonic adornments.   What do you think, reader?  Is Storyteller defending the defensible?

Is Obama working for or toward the "American People" of the American Republic as distinct from the US / USA CORPORATION and its Principals behind the deep doodoo scenes of international occupation and conquest?    Does one think that Obama would have gotten into office in the first place with all of his disqualifications if he was not embedded in the Cabal and beholding to its dark power?   The day that ET lands on the White House yard is when Obama will be in 'NESARA compliance' and agreement to facilitate 'reinstatement' of the 'organic' Constitution.  This is factually distinct from reinstatement of the CORPORATE Constitution of the DISTRICT, created in 1871 by legislative Resolution of a "Congress", that was neither operating as a bona fide body politic of the several de jure states, nor having any Constitutional authority to incorporate or grant charters of incorporation in the first place!!  This is well documented by way of review of the organic Compact Constitution, as well as by reading the archival minutes from the Federal Convention in Philadelphia, 1787, previously posted to Fws10 by "S".  All of what took place after 1865 with "Reconstruction" and incorporation of a new reformed "United States" goes directly to the British Monarchy, Bank of England and Rothschilds, and the Vatican.   So, Mr. Storyteller can just suck it up and do his own due diligence to verify what I and other researcher / writers have been saying all along, or acquiesce and redivert, once again, when it comes down to preservation of false gods and icons of power behind high palace walls!!   Gee, I wonder which palace 'She' is at today?   lol   Rediculous!!

Poof may have insight and very good reason, built over time, for drawing his conclusions about Obama and being so certain of himself that he puts it into print.   I appreciate Poof's insight and reporting, but disagree with some of his presumptions which seem to be built within him on the basis of what he has been fed by those whom he relies upon for his 'take' on things.

As stated the other day in my missive about the sordid history of the House of Rothschild, the International Debt Facility was created in or around 1875 by international sanction and effort of dynasty families and monarchies, east and west.  This would have to include the British, Dutch, and other 'family' monarchy lines, AND would have to also include the Rothschilds as everyone's banker, adviser, and prime creditor.   Those families operate by occupation, conquest, and aparteid, do they not?  Just read the document on House of Rothschild to ascertain their intimate involvement with all the Euro power centers, including the Vatican.  Any questions? 

Therefore, there is no way that the 1875 changeover in the "USA Congress assembled" to "US Congress assembled", and related word art style as to judicial and legislative determinations and enactments as 'law making' could be construed to be anything other than that of the usurper CORPORATION of the District of Columbia and THE UNITED STATES under operation of the Lieber Code, acting by and through the new "Congress" to operate as a duplicate or soulless clone of the "original" for the benefit and at the command of those who controlled the outcome of the War.   The Debt Facility instituted and enacted at that time could only have been dealing with the known "insiders" intentions to make use of the newly acquired 'estates' of the American People and their now undisclosed and little understood occupational de facto 'government' under permanent 'reconstruction' and military law.  This is like any other more modern circumstance of a nation giving recognition to a tyrannical regime in order to give it or make it seem more credible, acceptable in world affairs, and in matters of diplomacy.  Khmer Rouge anyone?   Cambodia?  Burma?  Remember "the killing fields"?  How bout slow death or forced relocation by occupation and international commercial lien?   It all goes to the same 'few', just different ways and means of implementing their demonic plans to acquire and the exhaust their prey to the point of submission.

The Debt Facility, whatever it really is,  is alleged to be purposed toward improvement of conditions of the vast and varied peoples of the world in general, and those of individual nations participating in the scheme in particular, but it's history, according to Whistleblower, seems to be ripe with chronic misappropriation of assets and use thereof by corrupt international and national structures for purposes that still defy accountability and description.  Even the UN puts such a high security clearance on all of this, not to mention that he also references the fact of long time strict non-disclosure and secret [treaty] agreements and accords as to the nature, character, disposition, and use of assets, policy determinations etc.   All of this taking place under international law in the shadow realms of extreme secrecy?  And, he leaves ones such as us to wonder, if the stated purposes of the Facility, which would include the underscore of those who put it together in the first place, are what they purport to be, why all the secrecy, why all the illegal and corrupt use and misappropriation of 'collateral' for trading or other purposes, and why so few nations making use of or taking benefit and advantage of the Facility and Accounts?  Why so few nations even know about the program set up to 'benefit the nations and peoples of the world?"   What better way to create a "sovereign wealth fund" many years ago, with unknown real intent, little or no accountability or enforcement, and cause to be 'allowed' the misuse of collateral wealth for purposes not within the charter with little or no trace.  At the very least, "plausible accountability" comes into play against such hypothetical reasoning.   This is not to say that those operatives and officers of the Facility are party to such possible uses, but if they are governed by what is or is not on paper, their capacity to operate the Facility otherwise, seemingly as 'intended' could be greatly impeded and limited without original charter or indenture amendment by original signatories, unless provisions for amendment specifically set forth as expressed do exist in writing.

I believe my general recollection about the Debt Facility foundational time frame and purpose is mostly correct, based upon Whistleblower private communications with me many months ago.  I do not know if his rather direct but insightful statement about my personal security and "paperwork does not stop bullets" was in my interest or more a subtle warning to watch what I do 'or else' someone may blow back on you.  If incorrect, I apologize.  Everything else stated above is me thinking and questioning the 'official' vs. the 'unofficial' or 'unstated' but 'actual' or 'real' agenda of the Facility.  Given Whistleblower's own admissions as to the unlawful and unaccountable use of the assets of the Facility, with little or no teeth for 'enforcement authority' for criminal misuse, it is unreasonable to assume that putting the Facility together for a stated purpose, but without strict provision for securing, administrating, monitoring or auditing, and enforcing the alleged international 'sovereign' authorities and status thereof, is by default, not merely a defect in structure, or a failure to provide a means and mechanism for 'oversight'.  IT is a means and mechanism set up to allow and provide for the unstated hidden agenda by virtue and absence of a regulatory audit function that has inherent enforcement authority at the highest level of the World "law", commercial, geo-political System.

I would appreciate it if you or Casper or the Bells could forward copy of Whistleblower's email which is referenced in C report.  I do not see it posted to Fws10, but would like to read what he has to say.  In any case, Whistleblower, as an operative of the Facility, like Storyteller,  has never made clear what "People" he and / or the Facility and / or Collateral Accounts, and International Treasury Comptroller [???] would be considered to be the "American People"??  Are they "US citizens"?  If so, they have it all wrong and are completely out to lunch!!  What is the actual 'nation' 'state' and political - legal jurisdictional status and standing of the "American People" and the United States of America now, or since 1875 at the time of the Facility's creation?? international Law of Nations?    The same question applies, fundamentally, to the Debt Facility, as a matter of 'charter' verifications of those participating dynasty families and their 'holdings', including any verified and accepted "right of claim" to incorporated or sovereign nation states, via direct or 'strawman' agency constructs?? 

As the working government of the incorporated "DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA" / THE UNITED STATES was a de facto usurper government operating by international Lieber Code [martial law], one unstated but actual cause and effect of the Facility, could easily have been to give 'international sanction' and acceptance to the then occupied, procured, and then 'laundered' stolen nation and People of the[se] united States of America, under occupation.    All one has to do for 'example' in today's terms is look to Iraq.  Or, if history is more telling, look to the Phillipines, Puerto Rico, and other 'possessions', 'territories', 'protectorates' and 'States' of THE UNITED STATES.   Please note that in Story's posts of today, he refers to "The United States" in his short list of those "primary enemy" targets of the Bush DVD "Box Gang".   Hm....sounds to me like a perfect scenario for another diversionary 'dialectic' misrepresentation as to real intent and the real parties in interest behind the on-going attack.   So, both the CORPORATION and the Republic are simultaneously under duress and assault from within and without, while at the same time, the CORPORATION itself has never relented its attack on the Republic since it was inserted into the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA under 'southern reconstruction' occupation.   Is it uncommon for principals to attack and destory their own holdings if there is a greater advantage and deception to be gained?  Happens all the time, all the way back in time.  Hitler did it, did he not, as justification to invade Poland.   This is called "false flag" operations.   Any questions?

Back to the "Debt Facility":  In short, give the new 'nation' and 'District' the necessary international recognition to carry forward the real but hidden occupational purpose, which is clearly not limited to just 'reconstruction' of 'southern secessionist states', but was indeed purposed to reconstruct the entire de jure Union and then reform it into an incorporated franchise of hidden principals and authorities, ie. Rothschilds and Monarchy and Vatican Khazars.  Then, add a few more amendments to the CORPORATE CONSTITUTION, eliminate the original 13th Amendment, and then create WWI in order to run the US occupation government and CORPORATION into the ground by debt borrowings from foreign principals.   Once run into the ground, tighten credit on Wall Street to the point of `CRASH AND BURN' and then cause the CORPORATION to go into international bankruptcy forever...... perpetual debt, unlimited credit, 'never pay' strategy on Treasury obligations once the fiat military bankruptcy 'scrip' 'currency' has been stripped, defaced of "legal tender" status, and no longer can be deemed even a transactional instrument as either "money of account' or "money of exchange" in international commerce.  That sounds like a good way for the Debt Facility assets to have been misappropriated in-part, does it not?   Fiat fractional notational 'reserve' private credit banking would have caused all such hidden off book transactions to end up in someone's accounts, right?  Who's?  If not on account, then easily and readily converted and further washed by seeming legitimate commercial transactions which were either above or below radar!!

The American People got genocided and relocated at the same time, became 'civilly dead' 'US citizens', caused to eventually become enfranchised 'vessels' and securetized 'procured' [real] property  of the new private international CORPORATION, given ALL CAPITAL NAMES, to serve as a source of collateral on Account in every conceivable way, to serve as compelled 'surety' and 'fiduciary' in admiralty for the US Administrative franchise 'agencies', to be become the creations of and by the US CORPORATION(s), as 'individuals', "citizens", and / or 'persons' / 'personnel', wholly owned and operated thereby, and for the exclusive benefit the CORPORATION and its principals.  The American People were forced into an Exodus of a magnitude that defies easy description, as 'they' or 'We' are still aboard the merchant slave "Ship of State" created to capture, hold, and transport 'We People' anywhere IT wants anywhere in the world, by simple movement of 'chits' of paper. just what the Great House of Rothschild had learned to do with moving client gold for it's own or other purposes, but without moving the physical Substance thereof.   Move the paper, and hold the Substance in hock, as either 'allocated' or 'non allocated' 'value' on Account.

The other side of the forced or induced relocation of the American People into the diverse jurisdiction and political - legal status of the 'citizenry' of the admiralty DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, is that of the People, having "substance value", future value in their "labor" etc., was to harness them to 'man the orrs' of the wartime machine of the Ship of State of THE UNITED STATES, and keep that Ship and those who are it's "personnel" in perpetual motion by constant creation of 'flow through' commercial negotiable instruments of indebtedness, and then 'capturing' and making use of unlimited credit and creditorship /  'suretyship' capacity of the People affixed to each 'individual' franchise, which is 'capitis diminutio maxima', or 'cut off at the who is civilly dead and reduced in status to a SLAVE or 'vessel' in admiralty, which once 'seized' has no rights, and which 'vessel' duties, obligations, and liabilities are presumed and made to fall upon or "reside with" the owner or proxy for the owner, ie. the 'fiduciary' or 'agent' or 'surety'.  Wonder why Mr. Whistleblower and Storyteller avoid going 'there' on these most significant and unsettled issues, especially now that I can disclose that a 'chit storm' of claims is coming the way of the Monarchy and the Vatican and the CORPORATION(s).  I guarantee it!!

It is highly unlikely that the Debt Facility 'founders' were not fully aware of the de facto nature of the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as distrinct from the de jure United States of America at the time of its creation.  Those who 'founded' were either fully or partially in the know as to the status of the 'new nation' and its 'government' and the People IT now held captive by occupation.   Therefore the issue of verification of 'charter' as a matter of issue and as a matter of treatment thereof by the Facility, as well as related official or unofficial functions of the apparat thereof, is in serious question.  It appears to me, at a distance, and without any knowledge of which I speak, the Facility was to become involved in formal international 'recognition' of the new de facto government implementing its perpetual occupation under previous but erroneous Reconstruction Acts and similarly erroneous and non-Constitutional 14th Amendment.  Any questions?  I have some.

THAT time frame is when illegal unlawful 'southern Reconstruction' was well underway by those who controlled the new District of Columbia / UNITED STATES apparat, aka the "Union North", which was still operating a military occupation of ALL the American states and Peoples thereof, not just the 'southern'.  In short, the occupation was a fact in play at the time of the creation of the stated purposes of the Debt Facility, so the so-called 'American People' were really an occupied People who were all being compelled or otherwise induced, by many factors and forces, including undisclosed material facts withheld within the "official" political machinery set up to administrate the occupation as a new 'civil authority'.  This continues to-date, and it is not for the 'benefit' of the American People, but for the sole benefit of those feudal lords which brought slavery and genocide to the shores of the 'new world' 'estates' by franchise corporations, 'crown monopolies', operating as military - commercial enterprises of the monarchies who created them.  Therefore, the Debt Facility, assets thereof, could easily be construed to be one primary means of creating a new money system for perpetual expansion of Empire, AND eventual long term subjugation and consolidation of the then and yet-to-be created 'sovereign' nation states of the World, under auspices and yet-to-be created 'authority' of yet another sovereign or quasi sovereign 'sovereign', the UNITED NATIONS, which is the 'principal' to the 'agent' of the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, INTERNATIONAL BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT [WORLD BANK], DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY-INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, and the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK SYSTEM.

Back to Obama and current events:   If 'they' of the Dragons, east and west, having their "Dragon Court", chose Obama to do their bidding, with or without his particular informed consent to go along with their Plan, and he is not performing according to stated or accepted terms of agreement, then who / what is he aligned to, if not to the DVD Nazi Khazar faction that Storyteller rants about, but refuses to acknowledge as being inherent to the 'two crowns'......the 'British Monarchy', and the 'Crown Temple' or 'Crown Templar' of the City of London, the 'Houses' of the 13 Illuminati 'Luciferian' / 'Satanic' 'families' which hold authority over the Monarchy and to whom the Monarchy and HMQ and her 'family' are inherently 'attributed' by historical 'oath' and allegiances.  HMQ does not enter or tread upon the soil of the City unless following behind those officers of the City which 'lead' the procession. 

I would also say that Greenspan was not granted "initiation" into the City Order as "Shepherd", not permitted to walk the 'bridge' into the City, unless and until after having first of all sworn his undying allegiance to HMQ and her 'crown'.   Upon doing so, first being 'knighted' to Her, Greenspan was then given the privileges of a "Knight" deemed worthy of being further initiated into the Order of the Crown Temple of the 'families' to whom he had been in service of all his many years.  Bush Sr., Leo Wanta, etc etc., all names that have come to the forefront of Storyteller rantcapades, including Bush Sr., are all in league and working in synch with the call of the Principal, the 'sovereign' to Her "Knights".   This is the only way that it can be interpreted, unless of course, all these "Knighted" demons are really double or triple 'agents' of other sovereigns and are really working in the Light for the betterment of the People and Nations of the World, just like the Debt Facility claims its charter purpose to be.....  and, if We believe that supposition, "God save the Queen" and "God help us all",  

My take, for what it is worth, is that HMQ is juxtaposed in accustomed 'dialectic' attribute to various forces described by Storyteller, while at the same time acting in a manner fully consistent with his own analysis of double or triple cross by deeply hidden strategies and actions, which has much to do with what Casper and Associates are in touch with.   Any 'refunding' of the "UNITED STATES" or 'UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" corporations, and their 'DOLLAR' based 'FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE' from the City of London with Monarchy push, could easily be construed to be one strategy to try to maintain or simply reform 'status quo' control over world monetary systems with inherent or revised imbalances of power so as to allow for completion of Masonic Zionist Marxist Leninist Khazarian Talmudic 'Pharisean' "world revolution" NWO globalism.  Afterall, Trotsky, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and most of the other world players in this long run scheme have all been Khazar non-Semite non-Shemite "international jews" who were deployed and employed to accomplish long range objectives of the Elders in synch with the Protocols of Zion.

HMQ is, in my conclusion, a dark horse player playing both ends of Her dialectic toward a 'middle', while trying to disrupt and 'derail' the 'reinstatement' of the organic Constitution for the United States of America, and avoid 'announcements'.   She and her family and their Instituion called "Crown", have no 'gain' whatsoever, to agreeing with or allowing / accepting the 'reinstatement' of organic 'compact' Constitutional  authority, even if such a Compact and such authority is deemed to be structurally deficient or defective to any degree.  The announcements of 'reinstatement' of a Founder Republic Union construct, supercedes any attempt to simply and merely reinstate the 'adopted' de facto Constitution of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CODE, adopted in 1871, which corporate Code would, if 'reinstated' successfully, allow for the Lieber Code occupation of and over the American states to continue by those powers and authorities that control the District and it's charter franchise under international admiralty jurisdiction, venue, and rules.

It is therefore inconceivable that HMQ and the Crown of her Institution are intent on creating any circumstance or condition precedent whereby She and her family loose control of an entire nation of 'real property' slaves, lands thereof, future labor therof, all of which are taxed into utter submission and subservience, nearly to death, and which under Title 50 of the United States Code can be reduced or diminished under any military exercise or experiment without any standing of the 'subject' matter persons or 'populace' to protest for redress or relief.  These conditions are the same today as existed at and before the time of 'American Independence' from the British Monarchy, 1776, the Treaty(s) of Versailles or of Paris, 1782-84.  The British Crown, and it's relations to the fascist Khazar Illuminati 'Talmudic' 'jewish' "families", as well to the Jesuit Order and the Vatican 'Holy See', are not about to let go of their 'crown jewel', aka THE UNITED STATES / THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, unless forced to submit without any other recourse or relief available to them.  What causal force and power can do that is well beyond this writer's reach, but comprehension is most easily and readily discerned in the continued daily movement of the Spirit of Man to bring them all to their knees, despite the abuse of Debt Facility asset collateral, abuse of the "programs", denial and betrayal of all international agreements and accords that would reinstate the organic Republic of the United States of Amierca and return its People to their rightful status, standing, and capacity as "sovereigns" [under God and Nature] "without subjects", whereby and wherein each Man is wholly responsible for his / her free will expression, without limitation and inherent restraint by grant of any 'privilege' presumed to otherwise be the case under admiralty maritime martial commercial contract 'law'.

There are obviously other dialectics as well at work at this time, many of which are likely intended to obstruct, confuse, obfuscate,  and / or mitigate the 'never allowed' wave of events which are now more clearly 'seen' to be of such a 'higher' magnitude' and 'order' that the dark powers of long-standing are not only being brought to 'disclosure', but are now subject to 'account' and 'accountability'.....including monarchies and dynasty families that have violated Sacred Trust and the One Law of Life.  I will refrain from trying to describe other dialectic constructs, but it is not unreasonable to assume that the Monarchy and Vatican and all of the Orders of the Illuminated have overlapping play action going on, in order to conserve their long term globalist Empire NWO, while at the same time having to take into account the now likely 'contingency' that 'they' may have to 'cede' and withdraw in order to not be completely reduced to a cinder themselves.

Anyone who goes by the title of "Knight" of any Anglo-European persuasion is in service to those who created the Order(s) which ultimately manipulate, control, and "deploy" their individual or collective force.  All one need do is look at the gloating fool getting his 'badge of courage' put around his neck by another gloating fool on the current Fourwinds10 post from the Tom Heneghan international intelligence site.   I will not waste time repeating descriptions as to the images of those ones of darkness named in the Heneghan post, but suffice it to say that many of them are all attributed not just to the 'Nazi' Bush Sr. Clinton 'Box Gang', but are thereby attributed to other aspects of other deeper 'dialectics' which most of us 'little [peasant] people' are deemed to be too ignorant of or too dumbed down to be cognizant of.  Unfortunately for 'them', cognition is not our problem, but theirs.

As for the Debt Facility, it would behoove all Nations of the World to notice and demand the Facility and those within the Collateral Accounts to disclose a verification of all charters of those 'sovereign' authorities which gave it life, including the various nation states which now comprise any aspect of its operations to any degree.  If this verification is not possible due to international private secret agreements, then it may be possible for someone known and accepted by all Nations having high ethical - moral character and having international diplomatic status, to call upon the Facility, the Accounts and the Treasury, and attempt to negotiate some kind of a release of information which is 'verified by commercial affidavit' that goes to the nature of the issues above.   At present, depending on the real context of the founding of the Facility and the disposition of the chartered registered principals, agents, custodians, etc., without strict audit oversight and regulatory law enforcement authority, it may be so "rogue" that only those who have access can benefit to the presumably huge collateral value as a matter of present or future values which could be conceivably attributable to present or future transactions.

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It appears that the inquisitive little dog, Toto, is sniffing the boots of the Wizard behind the Veil in the land of Oz.

'S' makes reference to the Vatican a few times in his 8 page blog, but continues to "Jew Bait, people into believing that the source of evilis with Khazars or Jews. Yes, many are the obvious minions of the RedRobed Priests of Isis, the priesthood where their primary philosophic scriptoriginated, the Babylonian Talmud.

A lot can be made of the fact that the British Monarchy was made subservient by a treaty/concordat between King John and Pope Innocent III in 1213 that places England and its Monarch FOREVER under vassalage to the secular Holy Roman Empire.Thus, to blame the ills of America on the British Monarchy is blaming the agentfor the crimes of the principal.

Further, it was not the British or other Monarchy of Europe that declared in anedict that 'all humankind was subject to the Pontiff of Rome' in the Papal Bull,Unam Sanctam, 1302, an edict the current Pope acknowledged in a paper he prepared for the previous Pope in 2000 AD.

It was not a European Monarchy that claimed all lands and people as property inPapal Bull Edicts of 1455 and 1493.

No Monarch of Europe is Crowned with the declaration: "Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns and know that thou art Father of princes and kings, Ruler of the world, Vicar of our Savior Jesus Christ." All Popes/Pontiffs of Rome are.

No Monarch of Europe has declared themselves to be "Vicar  (vicarious presence) of Our Savior The SWINE Christ" . The original name the Romans gave Joshua was"IE SUS", which became 'JESUS' in the 18th century. Latin: IE = id est = that is."SUS" = swine, pig, hog

And, relative to Obama - I believe that the three previous Popes were murdered (and, they apparently were) for having the intention of eliminating the fascist Holy Roman Empire, and if Obama has taken the assignment to eliminate the corporate defacto UNITED STATES, and the American people are so ignorant and dumbed down that they really don't know, (except for a handful of people) of this evil situation, is there any suggestion as to how Obama may have been nominated and elected if hedid not masterfully 'play their game'? And, if he must first awaken the sleeping American population from their long slumber as 'plantation slaves', must he notuse tactics such as the 'fear of communism' to arouse their anger - to switch on the long since dark light bulb of 'the desire of individual rights and freedom'?


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I can equate with "S" and his being in exile from the USA. I was forced to go back to my birth country in exile from false  charges that would certainly have resulted in a long incarceration

or even my death. The latter was attempted when I was arrested and jailed in a jail tank in Sacramento. Fortunately, the 'street gang' blacks were secretly 'born again Christians'.

In 1984 I was attacked by the IRS, which eventually led to the IRS CID  murdering my wife of 23 years by hanging (suicided), the loss of my airline pilot career, the loss of my accumulated estate, the loss of my 2 childrens' mother and educational opportunities, and the loss of my pension all because I was on a list of candidates to be a representative for the Committee of The States for California, asmandated in the treaty that formed the American Union - the Articles of Confederation, Article 5.

How many of the American people understand what that Committee of the States could have meant to the preservation of the Grand Republic?That Committee had the power to fire the Government, or any member of the Government, and the power to nullify any statute enacted by Government. If it had been established as directed by the treaty, is would have been in a position to insure that the Union would remain free and strong, and have no tyrannical activity that has come aboutsince the Constitution was originally instituted. And, I am primarily thinking about the status of slave that has been imposed upon all of the American people.

Also, "S" doesn't seem to realize that the false 13th Amendment actuallyauthorized the imposition of 'involuntary servitude' upon the American people.All incorporated bodies are make-believe ships at sea, and thus under a form of maritime law where an accused 'member' is guilty unless proven innocent. The use of the State owned name without authorization of such usage is a criminal offense - theft by unauthorized use. Also, "S" still beats the dead horse of the 'all caps' makes the legal name. It is the conversion of the family name into a primary name, a surname, that makes the fiction State owned name.