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Last week (not this week) The World Court was assisting "C.T." with the sabotage operations. Recall the packs were then out again Monday of this week but back in Wednesday. The packs went out again yesterday but were again pulled back overnight and again it was The Court assisting OBAMA with this latest sabotage. They were pretending to assist in getting the packages out only to secretly sabotage the deliveries every time.
Having obtained the offer of 2 1/2% for their toxic crap "they" decided to play hardball for still more. They were trying their normal game of blackmail holding the packages hostage. After a few days of that the offer was withdrawn entirely with the Court then assisting the OBAMA led Illuminati with delivery sabotage until their demands are met for the original 2 1/2 % for their hidden stashes of cash with the others demanding still more, 100% has been the BUSH demand.
This is a battle "they" can not win. WE hear the Justices themselves may very well end up in their own jail.  It is time for "the powers that be" to stop making idle threats and start making arrest. There were other activities scheduled last week also sabotaged by the Court which has become a full time Instrument of the Illuminati. If the "trustee" actually has a 'hammer" made of anything other than feathers he should use it now. If STORY has anything worth reporting he should do so now.
Deliveries were to be today.
WE were closer than ever before.
The packs are now back in D.C..
Enough of this "mamby-pamby" kid gloves treatment.
The criminals in D.C. will never play by the rules or abide by the laws, International or otherwise. This must be stopped, for goodness sake go ahead and do what must be done.
                  casper   9-5-09