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Casper Report - August 15, 2009

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Those who continue to use "first rail" activity as a sign post have yet to understand that the Blockage comes from the "higher powers" which WE refer to as "second rail" players which includes OBAMA and the ILLUMINATI he works for.

One Financial Newsletter Writer says this week "they" have resorted to buying their own debt using "Strawmen" third party buyers. The only short term limitation on such activity is the "Debt Ceiling" set by Congress and the semi-annual increase has become automatic. So the Politicians approve 9000 earmarks, approve trillions in Stimulus, Bailouts and Gov't Takeovers, Treasury runs off a fresh batch of I.O.U.'s which they sell to the FED which creates the money to buy them "out of thin air". The result of this "round-robin" scam in which they are all participants is that taxpayers and their children and grandchildren are saddled with the debt, all the debt, debt guaranteeing their slavery indefinitely, while those responsible for this and a dozen other related scams (such as phony bank accounting practices) maintain themselves in power atop a pile of lies that would make the Great Pyramids look like ant hills. They do this at the expense of a legitimate recovery, a sound monetary system, honest banking practices and our funding. They do this to stall the disclosures which may send all of them to jail forever. They do this to avoid a return to Constitutional Law, to preserve Admiralty Law and Courts and to retain the "Emergency Powers" introduced by Roosevelt which has the net effect of making the President a virtual dictator.

While doing this "they" have tried again and again to continue and renew the successive 70 year "Bankruptcy of Nations" contracts under which all aspects of the CORPORATE GOV'T and Admiralty Courts  have operated.

THEY want the Bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES to continue.

The CORPORATION rather than the Republic.

Their CONTROL of the Courts.

Also, Fraudulent Fractional Banking. Fraudulent Fiat Currency manipulation. Financial Frauds of every stripe and color.

Washington D.C. is a CESSPOOL of corruption. It is an ORGY of corruption and the exposure brought by "the new", no matter how limited the "hangout" for the sake of the publics tender sensibilities, must be avoided at all cost.  And so they fight on, fight to preserve the status quo at any cost, a decision made easier because the "public" does not understand that the "cost" is being dumped on them.

When last WE updated, Tuesday the 11th, we said the drivers refused to deliver and the packs were returned to D.C..

At various times since then they have been back at CARLYLE, back at Treasury and back out for delivery not necessarily in that order.

Like all other sources and messengers WE too expected deliveries no later than yesterday.

Then, as has occurred every day this week, we find the packs where they should not be.

This has occurred so many times over the last two weeks that WE suspicion there is more involved here than "physical possession". More than likely it had something to do with the Banks or the Money or both.

Both must be completely ready before deliveries occur, not just our funds but the associated worldwide "settlements" as well. Not just domestic banks but participating banks worldwide.

It could even be more complicated than that. For example, did you see the series of articles a week ago regarding GLORIA (now dead) President of the Philippines making a deal with OBAMA for the Gold still "hidden" there?

Now, just as those articles anticipated, a U.S. Aircraft Carrier has arrived in the Philippines (the George Washington).

What happens if the ILLUMINATI gets that Gold? Who can stop an aircraft carrier? WE are speculating of course and while doing so we can all wonder why Russian STATE Television allowed a documentary to be shown to 30 million viewers claiming the twin towers were brought down with internal explosives? And, while we are at it, lets all wonder why the FOX SPECIAL (Hannity) exposing OBAMA'S Radical History was withdrawn at the last minute last Sunday night (now on u-tube in six segments). As WE have reported several times he was financed by MUSLIMS which is disclosed in this documentary. Other recent Internet Poster's say their sources reveal that he has been a CIA asset and a BUSH SENIOR protégé for many many years. WE can't confirm that but we have confirmed, like STORY, that he has been sabotaging deliveries for months. So which country CONTROLS its media, Russia or the U.S.???


AND NOW FOR THE NEWS:  Saturday night.

The packs are moving again tonight. Return to your window perch.

                        casper   8-15-09