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CASPER UPDATE: July 19, 2009

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Several days ago a representative of the World Court arrived to kick ass and get the deliveries out. He was involved in the movement of packages from Treasury to the Supreme Court late last week and the supposed overcoming of OBAMA's never ending blockages in the Supreme Court meetings Friday which were to result in deliveries this weekend.
OBAMA bribed this World Court Representative using real money not "if come" money. It was this mans job to convince the World Court our deliveries had occurred this weekend so that the IMF countries could access at 7 a.m. Monday morning leaving we the recipients screwed. The price for this fellows soul was 2 B up front in advance and 8 B more when OBAMA had his hands on our money. The 2 B and much more was obtained from the VATICAN on his stop over there. Do you remember what the POPE had to say about our receiving when he was in the U.S. as WE reported at the time? "The peasants will never receive this money and they may as well understand that". The funds provided OBAMA are a portion of the Marshall Plan Funds which had been hidden at the VATICAN.  
WE have been reporting the unbelievable levels of OBAMA ADMINISTRATION CORRUPTION from the beginning. WE barely scratched the surface. ALL bribery funds actually paid have been seized, he is broke and unable to pay off on all his promises to his equally guilty helpers here and abroad.  OBAMA, The Vatican and the World Court Rep. have been caught and now the poor fellow is on his way to the Hague with an empty bank account and OBAMA gets still another act of TREASON credited to himself. The Government Officials facilitating this payoff for OBAMA were JOHN ROBERTS and TINY TIM GEITHNER. 
Needless to say OBAMA has again gone into a rage again claiming this money belongs to him, he must have it, he will get it and we will never receive. He is also claiming ownership, PERSONAL OWNERSHIP, of all the Gold stolen domestically and moved out of the U.S. even the Gold belonging to other Countries. Having been caught again he is saying, as of 7 p.m. EST tonight, that the IMF countries may try a million times to access but never will and that hell will freeze over before we recipients will receive these packages. 
The World Court has ordered the U.S. Military to deliver the FREEDOM PACKAGES tonight and the rest of us tomorrow. OBAMA has responded to the Court by phone that he has ordered the Military not to deliver and has ordered Homeland Security to stop the deliveries whatever it takes. The Military is capable of delivery tonight, the issue is whether they continue to be subservient  to OBAMA'S Billion Dollar "if come" bribes to each of several Generals or whether they will follow the legally and morally correct orders of the World Court. Remember, the Military has admitted that they are aware that OBAMA is in office illegally. OBAMA told the Court he has bought the World Court, The Pentagon and The Military and that he will stop these deliveries tonight.
In late breaking news the Military has agreed to deliver and OBAMA has ordered Homeland Security to stop them whatever it takes. He has threatened the Military and the recipients. HOMELAND SECURITY is saying they are following OBAMAS orders and are prepared to use force. The Military has responded they are following legal World Court Orders and are also prepared to use force.
Now we wait. It appears it could not be more intense. All this to perpetuate himself in power illegally.
                         casper  7-19-09