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 Once again, the Intel behind yesterdays update was "air tight" meaning all sources around the planet "On Go" for deliveries beginning late Friday and continuing Saturday.
Certain packs WE watch carefully had moved  supporting this conclusion.
Several hours after that was posted a series of three calls came in saying there is to be an unexpected delay till Saturday said some, till Monday said others. Each of these widely divergent sources had a different reason for the delay. Now, Saturday evening, WE can report than none of the three excuses were accurate.
The real reason we have again been delayed was that several World Court Judges, following the directions of OBAMA, BUSH and CLINTON, were again attempting a weekend trade. Which "pot" was being used for collateral is unclear at this time and not important anyway. TREASURY is involved in these attempts.
WE were then informed Saturday morning by some of the "Countries", that the attempt had been blocked and that some of the Judges would be arrested. WE have since been told that "papers" have been served on some of them. The Judges involved were those from GERMANY, ITALY, FRANCE, ENGLAND, JAPAN and CHINA. JAPAN and CHINA have "recalled" their Judges, the others are to be "dealt with" in the Hague.  WE were advised that all Countries are now cooperating in over coming the on going shenanigans and deliveries will still occur beginning late Saturday afternoon.
Now, early Saturday evening, WE have just been informed that the packages which were "on site" and ready for delivery have been ordered back to D.C. by OBAMA, BUSH and CLINTON.
Once again OBAMA has stated "as long as I am President you will never get these packages" and that he must have the money. Once again he was told "you will never get this money, it belongs to the people not to you".
When the 4T was stolen by OBAMA/BUSH early last week and used to bribe CHINA the funds were recovered promptly. Nevertheless many Countries immediately sent Representatives to CHINA to supposedly take some action against them for their willingness to accept the bribe. WE have not been able to determine the reason for all that travel in view of the fact the funds had already been confiscated. Now this attempted failed weekend trade with the cooperation of World Court Judges. The corruption of the Corporation continues.
Again and again all is in readiness even to the point of positioning the packages. Again and again OBAMA/BUSH/CLINTON sabotage deliveries.
WE read into these happenings desperation on the part of OBAMA and Allies and also the apparent fact that there is a force powerful enough to overcome this sabotage.
WE don't know what happens next so there is no sense in speculating. The "World" was already furious at OBAMA so it is likely the intensity is being turned up still another notch, if that is possible, given that he is still amongst 'em so to speak.
More when possible unless things get turned around and we get delivered the first of the week.
                  casper   6-6-09