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FULFORD: Time for a Jubilee / Former Japan PM Hashimoto Murdered by U.S.

Benjamin Fulford

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From: Fulford Benjamin
Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2009 4:34 AM

Mr. Bellringer,

Efforts to post the following two articles on my home page are being blocked so I send them to you to post first if you should so desire:

It is time for a jubilee: forgive all debt, free all prisoners and give everyone a $million


Our ancestors, over thousands of years of communal existence, developed customs we have forgotten but need to remember. Right now, for example, many countries, especially the US, could do with a jubilee. It would involve eliminating all debts and freeing all prisoners in a one-time reboot of society. In ancient Israel it also meant land redistribution. If the US carried out asset redistribution along the lines of the ancient land redistribution, it would create a boom of unprecedented proportions. If you take just the $17 trillion or so the Feds have printed and handed over to the banks since September of 2008, that alone would be enough to give every man woman and child in America a $53,000 check. If you took all the assets in America and divided them evenly there would be millions of dollars for every man woman and child in the country. This would not be communism because it would be a one off thing. Even better, in order to avoid punishing hard-working entrepreneurs who created real businesses, you would only need to take assets earned illegally and immorally by the financial industry. It would still leave enough to make every American a millionaire.

That would be real change.

Former Japan Prime Minister Hashimoto was murdered by the US senior yakuza say

By Benjamin Fulford

Former Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto of Japan was murdered by the US, according to two of Japan’s most senior right wing power brokers (or yakuza). A poison was inserted through his anus by a female agent. The poison caused his entire digestive system to rot. His former secretary also confirms Hashimoto died of “an unknown intestinal disorder.” His crime was to try to use Japan’s overseas financial assets for something other than financing the US war-machine.

Other heads of state murdered by the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate include: President Roosevelt, President Kennedy, the Shah of Iran, President Marcos, President Saddam Hussein, Prime Minister Aldo Mori, Prime Minister’s of Japan Obuchi, Ohiraha, Tanaka, Takeshita and Hashimoto. This is just a partial list. By the way, they tried to murder this writer three times.

The United States in under the control of criminally insane mass murderers belonging to a Satan worshipping cult. International society must remove them from power before they can carry out their planned genocide of 5 billion people in an effort to cling on to power. Obama is their slave, he is not a savior.

They have now spread a new bio-weapon in Mexico that could kill hundreds of millions of people. That is just a first step for them. Perhaps it is time for the Chinese to play their deck of cards.