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WE have been quiet for a while in anticipation of deliveries, first yesterday then today for sure.
The military is in posession of the packages and word was widespread they had been positioned yesterday for delivery today. This morning they are in D.C. still in possession of the military. The military says they will not follow the orders of the World Court because BUSH/OBAMA claims to have World Court in their pocket.
Meanwhile the World Court is on our side one day, their side the next. Today BUSH/OBAMA again claims to have them in their pocket. The Countries want this done but take no definitive action apparently not having the courage to do what is necessary vs the U.S. and OBAMA.
Speaking of our DICTATOR OBAMA, he is a "Dr. Jeckle/Mr. Hyde" personality. He is as you see him on television, when not in public he is "CRAZY". He is variously described as a MANIAC, a DEVOUT COMMUNIST, and extremely SATANIC willing to do anything, anything at all to preserve the status quo which is the Emergency Rule in effect since '33.
BUSH JUNIOR was in CHINA over the weekend enlisting the support of the CHI-COMS for a deal to repay the Countries part of their stolen assets (gold) if CHINA, the COUNTRIES and the WORLD COURT will agree with BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA that we the people will never be paid. After that meeting WE learn the World Court "noise" about arrest warrants, them "meaning business this time", final warnings to OBAMA, etc. was either false in the first place or they have now backed off their promises, threats and commitments as a result of the unfolding circumstances described herein.
Most everyone is frightened of OBAMA ....His plans and actions are EVIL. WE can think of no better word for them.
WE don't know yet the outcome of the BUSH/OBAMA deal making attempts with the PRC and the Countries. WE don't know yet what has been or will be done regarding the World Court or the current problem.
More when possible.
              casper   4-22-09
P.S. Additional intell arriving right now says the "pendulum" may be swinging back in our favor.
The Countries missing Gold, it turns out, is sitting in CHINA (which has always been in BUSH'S pocket). 45% of the Gold was offered to the World Court for favorable rulings.