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There are things I would rather be doing on a Friday night.
This morning OBAMA repeated his previous statements that our money belongs to him and that we will never see it. This is first hand Intel. That means from his mouth to "our" ears. (He does not have access to our funds which are protected offshore).
Today OBAMA tried to use our Nations Gold Reserves in Ft. Knox as security for additional trade attempts. This Intel comes to us from multiple highly placed sources abroad.
OBAMA has also made demands that 58% of our money be paid to him and paid into his PERSONAL ACCOUNT. AND. AND, that the remainder be taxed at 40%. The Queen, Sarkozy and Merkle agreed to these terms (why not, its not their money they are willing to give away). Those who really count did not.
Those who a year ago "could not poor p__s out of a boot" have learned nothing and do not have the slightest idea what goes on behind the scenes each day. There are few who do but those who have to deal with OBAMA's never ending crap each day know exactly what is going on and as usual have blocked his latest attempts, this time to trade the assets of all American Citizens not just "our" assets. 
                  casper   4-10-09  evening