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Treasury is again playing hide and seek with the packs and they are still there this morning.   
In California the Government is so bloated some employees are being paid with IOU's. Soon there will  be only the Government and those on Government welfare as others leave to escape the confiscatory taxation. Which brings us to a discussion of Man Made Global Warming, er, i mean "Climate Change".
After a long and frigid winter especially in North America and Europe, after more statistics saying the earth has been cooling the last few years not warming and after more and more scientist have stepped forward saying GORE and his pals views about MANMADE Global Warming are a hoax, they have now changed the title of their International Tax Scam to  "Climate Change".
It was announced this week they intend to spew "pollution partials" into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun and affect climate change at great expense and therefore taxation. Simultaneously treaties are to be signed to tax those spewing pollution particals into the atmosphere including "carbon footprint taxation" right down to the individual level for operating a car or a lawn mower. Lets see now, taxation to help them "spew", taxation because you "spew". Next we have a drought so they must tax to make it rain but in some places they must tax to make it stop raining. I wonder how we have managed to get through these millions of years without the help of GORE and Friends or International Taxation? I wonder if this could be cover for funding "black budgets"? After all, who is going to measure the quantity of pollution particals spewed by Government vs the level of Government taxation for the purpose?
Taxation in California, New Jersey, New York, etc, has become so high people are literally leaving their roots to escape and this is before the kick in of Federal Taxation necessary to fund the bailouts and the increased debt service. Government produces no net revenue and can spend only that which they take from the people. While 600 to 700 hundred thousand jobs are being lost monthly in the private sector Government payrolls are increasing dramatically. This is what a Socialist takeover of Government looks like in the beginning. In the end everything is guided, directed and managed by the Central Government which becomes the biggest employer and which makes life miserable for those they "manage". Ever increasing taxation is their bedfellow which requires increasingly foolish excuses for that taxation such as "spewing pollution particles into the upper atmosphere" under the guise of Man Made Climate Change which is the original ruse.
Where oh Where are the people to run to avoid approaching confiscatory federal taxation and Government of the Government, by the Government and for the Government?
Nothing our existing Government says can be trusted. Today's scam du jour is the Bank Stress Test showing the Banks to be "fine and dandy". Do you believe that? Are there any level of lies you would refuse to believe? Why then was it necessary to give the banks hundreds of billions of taxpayer funds? Why then are they attempting to pawn their "assets" off of the taxpayers?
I suggest a new slogan for America, "A scam a day keeps the sheep at bay".
In response to Mr. Lewis's open letter to casper and to those similarly situated mentally, we say, who can blame you for thinking as you do given all we have been through? I would guess a large percentage of readers agree with your mindset. WE don't. WE think we know more than you do.
              casper   4-10-09