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Picture the parallel rails of a railroad. One rail represents the preparation of funds, accounts, packages, etc. for delivery. This rail involves Trustees, Banks, carriers, auditors, announcers and others who secretly perform their task in preparation for the big moment.
Many messengers and others who are not messengers have developed contacts over the years which allow insight into the status of these activities some of which are reported to you within the limits of non-interference with the long awaited outcomes. This intell, arriving daily from around the world, allows a reasonably accurate read as to the preparation, status and readiness for our funding to occur.
This "rail" is massive in scope and subject to setbacks due to sabotage, thefts, computer glitches, bank readiness, downloads, money movements, and dozens of other variables. When "ready" this rail can become destabilized and "unready" in a hurry for many different reasons. At this time these areas/this rail are again "ready".
The second rail, while parallel, is able to control the first rail. This rail represents the activities of the various "power centers" of the world and their moves and counter moves, their WAR so to speak. Here we have such as the Fed and other Central Banks, Treasury, Governments, Courts, Debtors and Creditors, Monetary Systems, Politics, Secret Societies, Monarchs, The Vatican, etc.. This is where victory is achieved by negotiation or other means, where WARS are won or lost. This is where the super secret stuff really takes place and outcomes are decided. This is where the action has been since last weekend. The first rails ability to proceed beyond readiness into action is now and has always been subject to the status of this second rail.
Both rails must be in alignment for the train to pass over. And now they are.
                     casper   3-12-09