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Of this mornings update. "This is above OBAMA, he can't do anything to influence deliveries" say many FOB's (Friends of OBAMA).
WE have explained this before, lets try again.
In the "old days" BUSH often stole, diverted, scattered, hid, traded, etc. all or parts of the many piles of funds more times than we can count. More recently, as the funds were locked down tighter and tighter the funds were used as "collateral" for trades. As long as they had crooked bankers cooperating it didn't matter that they were doing it illegally, they were doing it anyway. Time passed then code breaking super computers were brought to bear and they gained more unauthorized access. The money was moved out of B.of A...The money was moved out of Treasury several times. The money was moved out of CITI. The money was moved into and out of Switzerland. All this is fairly recent history. Trades were attempted many times each day. As long as they could mess with the money, steal it or scatter it or use it as collateral the packs could not be turned loose.
Over the years we have reported hundreds of these attempts to you, a few successful with recapture of funds necessary, most caught and stopped no matter the circuitous methods involved in the attempts. We have also reported most of the thefts of funds and the scattering of funds for no purpose other than delay. How do you suppose we know this stuff and have known it for years? Has it occurred to you WE might be in touch with those responsible for stopping the thefts, the trades, the attempted trades, etc short the security of the funds?
This aspect of our reporting began years before anyone ever heard of BEMA and continues today as it occurs. What you-or WE- think of BEMA has nothing to do with it. It is exposure of hidden goings on for all to see with the expectation that those in position to put a stop to it will do so while realizing that no one has ever been able to completely stop the attempts, only the outcome. 
This time it was not an attempt. Money got moved, Money got recaptured. This delays deliveries every time. When a long string of dominoes are scheduled to fall all dominoes must be ready or else the first domino does not get pushed. This type problem is always caught, always corrected. The resulting warnings were given to BEMA not BUSH or anyone else. WE apparently have a unique, if not exclusive, view of this particular aspect of things. These relationships are 100% dependable. When something of this nature happens what do you expect "them" to say, "loops, we got caught trying to steal the money again"? Come on folks. These activities are always followed by several false "cover stories".
The warnings were given for the reasons reported. Ocala's retort was "if you do that (takeover the CORPORATION and the Banks) there will be a revolution in this country. The powers that be responded "there is going to be a revolution anyway as soon as the people find out what you (Wash.DO.CO./Corporation) have been doing.
WAKE UP mesmerized and hypnotized Americans.
                   casper   3-2-09  2nd
p.s. Why do you suppose Geithner has not been seen or heard from in 19 days???