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CASPER UPDATE: March 2, 2009

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 During their fiscal fourth quarter AIG lost $670,000,000. PER DAY. What to do? Simple, give them another 30 Billion of taxpayer funds. Brilliant.
HARRY REIDS constituents in Nevada said no to BILLIONS for a fast rail line to L.A.. What to do? Simple, put it in the stimulus bill and force all taxpayers to pay for it. Brilliant.
Make that 8570 EARMARKS in the new legislation not 8000 as previously reported. "NO EARMARKS" said OBAMA. You are in hock up to your ears, you can't pay your bills, you are collapsing financially. What to do? Simple, start spending. Spend every dime you can beg borrow or steal. Brilliant.
Banks are insolvent. There is no market for their phony financial exotica toxic assets. What to do? Simple, have a "stress test", declare a value for the garbage and transfer ownership to the taxpayers. Brilliant.
You have spent the country into oblivion. You are 53 TRILLION in debt. What to do? Simple, pledge the nations roads, bridges, buildings, national parks, wetlands, even cities and states and borrow more money and spend it immediately on 410 BILLION of PORK called EARMARKS.  Brilliant.
For years and years you have flooded the nation with funny money causing one bubble after another now everything is collapsing. What to do? Simple, create and distribute trillions more funny money. Brilliant.
Everything the government touches goes to hell in a hand basket. What to do? Simple, have government take over health care and manage the auto companies. Brilliant.
Our corrupt banking and Wall Street buddies have destroyed their own financial institutions while stealing trillions for themselves. What to do? Simple, give them trillions more and hand the tab to future generations of taxpayers. Brilliant.
Ponzi schemes from coast to coast stealing hundreds of billions destroying the lives of countless millions. What to do? Simple, staff the regulatory agencies (SEC, etc.) with Illuminati and orders "not to investigate". Brilliant.
The world is in meltdown due to out of control corruption of the money interest and the politicians. What to do? Simple, follow the advice of Bill Clinton, put on a happy face and speak positively. Brilliant.
Do you really believe all this is an "accident"? That hundreds of billions are handed over to Illuminati bureaucrats with no controls or oversight whatsoever? That laws which are "in the way" are "accidentally" cancelled? That politicians "accidentally" ordered banks and Freddie/Fannie to make worthless liar loans? It was and is and remains corruption on a scale never before known, we are seeing the result and no one is held accountable in any way whatsoever. They have pocketed trillions while the people move into tent cities.
Why no deliveries? Because OBAMA ( that's spelled O-B-A-M-A ), with the help of BUSH's cronies, managed to get into and move some of the IMF funds this weekend. Our friends have retrieved the funds, put them back where they belong and informed the IMF what happened. The packages were not "returned" and are still in "position".
This morning OBAMA stopped deliveries again. The World Court informed him that if he interferes again with deliveries which are rescheduled for tomorrow they will proceed as reported to you in the last update. 
So, deliveries tomorrow unless the Messiah does something else which is 50/50 given his ongoing tricks and sabotage.
              casper   3-2-09