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POOF Report: February 22, 2009

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Subject: Hours from Freedom

Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 18:55:09 -0500

artist: Joe Cocker lyrics

title: She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

albums: Joe Cocker!, Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Joe Cocker Live

She came in through the bathroom window

Protected by a silver spoon

But now she sucks her thumb and wanders

By the banks of her own lagoon

Didn't anybody tell her?

Didn't anybody see?

Sunday's on the phone to Monday,

Tuesday's on the phone to me

She said she'd always been a dancer

She worked at 15 clubs a day

And though she thought I knew the answer

Well I knew what I could not say.

And so I quit the police department

And got myself a steady job

And though she tried her best to help me

She could steal but she could not rob

Didn't anybody tell her?

Didn't anybody see?

Sunday's on the phone to Monday,

Tuesday's on the phone to me

Oh yeah.

Greetings and Salutations,

 Well, I waited, as long as, I could for incoming info to make sure I had  this thing straight. Sometimes we get all excited and don't hear what we  should be listening to. It's like the japanese trying to figure out navajo  code talk during ww2, and believe I've had a lot of deciphering to do thru  these years, especially while the bush admin was in place. While all this  confusion is going on regarding whatever anyone thinks about the new pres,  things have actually become less cryptic. Incredibly, people are behaving as  tho the last 8 years never happened, like junior was the best thing since  sliced bread. Yea, ok...whatever.

 Mr Sarkozy signed off on reconstructed docs, because the orginals given to  him, after careful inspection showed a hole which would have had the cabal  still getting funds from these programs. To quote the old man himself, 'not  gonna doit, wouldn't be prudent', so they were fixed and the french pres  then signed again immediately. BTW, this was offered to junior but he chose  the 'darkside'. Guess he wasn't too concerned about his legacy. So let's all  dump on the person who inherited the crap. Nevermind...

 After the signature, liquidity went into the next people down the line,  read carefully, they inturn had to audit their own accounts and send that  info to the world court for clearence. There is a timeline for them doing  that. Upon the clearence, delivery to 'we' the common people will begin  immediately. I'm trying to tell you we are within hours of freedom. No matter how hard I've tried to push the river, it's never been as simple as  it appeared. However, there will be no argument, when clearence is there.

 All the other programs going out, were also cleared and put in position  last week, which is what the man's signature gave for delivery. A lot of you  know more about the other programs than I do. That wasn't my function. I was  to watch the thing that blew the doors open for everything else, 'the  mother'. I would only ask that all of you stop watching the 'distractions'  because they'll make you crazy. It's not about the pres, or the treasury  sec, this happening above their heads. All they had to do was stand out of  the way, clear out whatever debris, and let things be done. Neither control  jack.

 I'm even watching people I have respect for, get caught up in the drama,  not being able to pierce the veil before them, way too many emotions to see  the shifts happening. They all need to take a deep breath and understand  this world is not going to hell in a handbasket just because the bad guys  have such a center on the news. It's just so much easier to accept crap than

to comprehend someone, just may be watching the downtrodden's back. Human  nature, I suppose, but this is the change, noone could believe would ever  happen. It's like these banks going to hell, I told you all these years ago,  now all the 'sudden' everyone is pointing fingers, like it's some surprise.  Hey, poofy's crazy right? Now here it is, in your face and folks are Still  looking in the wrong places! Those damn bush's and clintons!!!! You think  for a second the real power on this planet, missed something? No they  didn't, they were watching, until some of these folks committed themselves

to the 'darkside'...think about it.  If you're believing there really is a  God, don't think for a second anything is missed or this planet belongs to  the dastardly to do as they choose. I'm not talking about some dude sitting  on a throne with a long white beard, it's way past that! This is a wake up  call, like you'd never believe, which rarely comes from going to church. The  innocent will always be protected.

 We're down to hours folks  and these packs will be in your hands and you  can then consider how all this will work out for you according to your  decisions. We are, much to my chagrin, getting a courier delivering a letter  which directs us to come to a local bank, where our packs are sitting.  Expect a hard press to have you access in their bank. That decision is up to  you, which also explains why the europeans expect that 94% of americans will  access this in the us. Everyone around the world will get treasury dollars,  but other country access give the option of changing to another  currency...this is part of old man bush's legacy. Fines and penalties also  for him using our funds. The decision remains with you, what you do, but  options remains with you to access where you choose. Taxes are paid! That's  already in the treasury, which came in some time ago...also in europe. Free  will is still your choose. Mr Obama will be dropping info on the  public in ahh few days, which will rock the public's head. You have been  'involved' all these years, so nothing should be surprise to you. We will  need to help where ever we can because things are going to go nuts, market  crash, shift to a new currency, etc, etc, the resultant rise is food prices,  until all the dust settles....but I told you this already right? The phoenix  will rise from the ashes.

 Big hugs folks, you're going to need it, you've never seen anything like  this before since europe went thru the dark ages, while china wasn't by the  way. Way too many circles for me watching history.

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Love and Kisses,