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CASPER SECOND UPDATE: February 21, 2009

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Can you handle a "twofer"? Two in one day?
The packs are on the move again late today. WE hear this is a "forced" situation not a cooperative situation. Those behind us are being told Tuesday so you know what that means.
And now for some light hearted observations.
Remember the fellow with 6 degrees, 5 masters and a PHD, the head of NASA? They got rid of him then issued a statement that 2008 was the 9th warmest year on record. Never mind that North America and Europe have been in a deep freeze all winter. Can you believe these people? Now its "climate change" not global warming. Now they are "progressives" not liberals. Now black is white and up is down.
In the '70's it was said, says George Will, "it is a well established fact the planet has been cooling since the 1950's". Another "ice age" said the New York Times (1975), a "full blown 10,000 year ice age" said Science Magazine-1975&1976, "a new ice age must now stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death" said Global Ecology-1971, "The worlds climatologists are agreed, we must prepare for the next ice age"-Science Digest-1973. Now the University of Illinois Artic Climate Research Center has joined the Brazilin science teams mentioned previously stating recently "global sea ice levels now equal those of 1979". Grab your wallets folks, here comes Al Gore and the United Nations.
OBAMA has issued a statement throwing in the towel on "the fairness doctrine". They will now go back to beating the bushes trying to find some radio people capable of selling their Socialist Snake Oil to an awakened audience. Good luck!
Eric Holder, OBAMA's A.G. who facilitated the Marc Rich pardon and tried to limit free speech on the internet in 1999, in a speech last week referred to the American people as cowards. I think he might be right about that.
The amount of Treasury Debt Instruments to be auctioned Monday and weekly thereafter are to increase by 400% from present levels. I wonder if regular purchasers of U.S. Debt might have suggested they would be no-shows unless the packs were released?
Now that DODD, FRANK, FREDDIE, FANNIE and Wall Street have millions of homes occupied by folks with no job, no down payment and lousy credit history they are now acting to help them stay in the homes they can't afford and passing the expense on to those who played by the rules and keep their mortgage payments current. How do you like paying the dead beats payments for them? It's called SOCIALISM folks.
Well, enough of this. It's Saturday night. Surely I can find something to drink around here somewhere.
                Casper  2-21-09  2nd