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CASPER UPDATE: February 21, 2009

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Every time WE say deliveries are PDQ or imminent it is because we have substantial intell to that effect or we wouldn't report it. Then something else happens. We could write several paragraphs describing what went wrong each time, or what we think went wrong, or what sources around the world were told went wrong but it would be a huge waste of time, each explanation requiring still further explanation and even then would assume our daily intell to be correct which we can't guarantee, so why bother?
Most sources continue to believe OBAMA is on our side trying to get the deal done. As you are well aware our intell has been saying the opposite for well over a month now. Believe me, when it comes to the subject of deliveries we try very hard not to allow our disdain for his Socialist views to color our reporting. WE think you are by now sophisticated enough to take program news from Casper as one thing and negative political commentary about OBAMA by Casper as another thing.
WE expected deliveries several different times this week particularly Thursday then Friday and now we hear we are possible today, Saturday. Most sources blame this weeks ongoing delays on hidden sabotage left over from Paulson which is being cleared as discovered. We really don't question that as we don't know whether it is true or false. What we do know is that attempts to trade the funds or to use them as collateral for trades never ends. OUR funds, which are overseas as previously reported, have attempts to access made on them several times each day which triggers code changes necessary to stay ahead of the bad guys. Supposedly all this comes to an abrupt halt when we access. Attempts to trade the funds in D.C., likely domestic IMF funds, are also constantly under attack with never ending attempts to use them as collateral for trades. Our intell says these attempts come from OBAMA and those who work for him. Is it possible it is done by those around him without his knowledge as STORY suggest? Possible I suppose but very unlikely in view of our intell over a one month period regarding statements by him and those around him.
Friday a judge ruled in favor of Bloomberg and Fox news that Treasury/Bernake must disclose use of the first 350 Billion of TARP funds. Rumors in D.C. say portions of that money was used as kickbacks and payoffs, that's why they refused to disclose and that's why they are so desperate to trade any money any where to backfill in front of the disclosures which must now occur within 30 days. They are equally desperate to trade these funds to generate the 250M to the 1600 in D.C. which has been stopped time and time again. The Government will probably do the usual, somehow get the whole thing into the hands of a judge they control and disclosure will never happen.
The meltdown is intensifying which makes the cover-ups more difficult to maintain. Yesterday arch criminal Senator Christopher Dodd calls for nationalization of the banks (Communism) as Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Senator Lindsay Graham do the same. The worthless toxic assets on the banks books render them insolvent and bankrupt so they are seeking a method of removing these assets from the banks without a (non existent) value being placed upon them as such an admission would necessitate the banks closure. By nationalizing them they could remove the crap, lay it off on a "bad bank" run by the government and charge it all off to WE THE PEOPLE leaving their banking buddies all shiny and new and our children debt slaves forever. As soon as this hit the wires the dollar dropped dramatically against all other currencies, the stock market dropped 200 pts and after the close Geithner stepped forward to say "it ain't so, we ain't gonna do it". Either it was a red herring or the reaction was so swift they had to back off. The point is that the meltdown has the banks and their political puppets trapped with no visible way out and while we wait expectantly for deliveries, new asset backed banking and currency, announcements, and exposure of their heinous crimes they work feverishly to maintain the status quo and to save the existing utterly corrupt banking and monetary system at taxpayer expense. With all this going on around the clock it is impossible to know with certainty the true reason for each and every delay. The ABC boys and those associated with OBAMA, CLINTON and BUSH, including GEITHNER, BERNAKE the BANKS and their corrupt congressional allies, flood the "grapevine" with "we are the good guys" every day and most swallow it hook, line and sinker. And WE TOO are anxious to bite on whichever lie produces immediate delivery so we too tip toe thru the tulips of good news expecting the outcome being promised to those stationed around the world to be accurate. Daily excuses sound reasonable but ongoing blockage is an obvious and undeniable fact. When certain packages leave the Court we expect them to be delivered because their movement jives with much additional intell. Then they arrive in Charlotte. Then they leave Charlotte and we expect delivery but they go back to the Court which is what has happened this week. As disclosures occur whether by us or some other messenger the disinfo intensifies and it becomes more difficult to understand what is actually happening. WE learn of some things we don't report trying not to "mess something up". Time passes and we say what the heck, actions by the "good Chinese" midweek, for example, should be reported. That was to result in immediate deliveries but did not. WE believe OBAMA is the leader of all blockage, is doing so willingly and intentionally, but it does not matter whether he is being "controlled" or "blackmailed" as some suggest, the outcome is the same, deliveries get held up for still another day.
Our best guess is one of two things is occurring; 1). the banking war is continuing, the illuminati led by OBAMA under the tutelage of BUSH/CLINTON/BANKS,etc. is still extremely desperate for funds and to continue the cover-ups and are blocking deliveries which remain the trigger mechanism for all else or 2). previous sabotage continues to be cleared while simultaneously the incredibly complex endeavor to implement and announce the new uncovers a new problem every day which must be dealt with. Even now WE know some things (in our favor) best left unmentioned here.  
Both may be true. Parallel events indicate both are true. So whets new? Nothing under the sun. More of the same only now the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Each time the CORPORATION/SWAMP CREATURE appears to be dead we find he is only wounded, mortally we continue to believe. ACORN gets 4 BILLION of our money to continue its corrupt voter registrations. Stimulus funds are paid to cronies. A nation is intentionally made dependent upon Government. Ponzi's here, there and every where. An utterly corrupt political system born of an utterly corrupt monetary and banking system with all three fighting for survival to their last breath. So whets new?
WE know less and less as the days pass due the intense secrecy and the never ending last minute moves of the players. OUR belief that "OBAMA is not our friend" is not a casual observance or an ideological opinion. It is based on things we have been told over the past month, the ongoing illegal attempts to access and/or trade several different sets of funds, continuous delivery delays and the visible activities of his administration which can be summarized as "save the status quo at all cost".
Notice that STORY says Greenspan has been arrested, CUOMO has subpoenaed KEN LEWIS (B.of A.), a judge has ruled against Treasury regarding TARP disclosures, MADOFF and STANFORD have been caught, attempted thefts and trades have been blocked, Auditors from way over yonder went through the books of many New York Banks last week, "confrontations" between creditors and a bankrupt CORPORATION are occurring, vast quantities of peripheral intell says all is in readiness AND ongoing attempts by bad guys to do bad things does not mean they win or that their attempted illegal acts are successful.
As always it is up to those in position to overcome to do so while we can only watch, wait and report which WE will continue to do until completion.
                                                   casper  2-21-09
p.s.: WE hear, but can not verify that the Dodson Program will pay inspite of the personal difficulties he is experiencing.