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CASPER UPDATE: February 11, 2009

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No one agreed with the "OBAMA stopped deliveries" report we posted yesterday. No one. But the packs did not arrive.
Today almost all sources say that what ever yesterdays problem was it has been overcome and deliveries will be today. We regret to say our news is different, that OBAMA continues to block deliveries and is being advised how to do so by BUSH and CLINTON. No one wants this to be over more than we do so we want to be wrong and others to be right. Its late in the day and there are no deliveries.
Yesterday's update brought dozens of IMF countries down on OBAMA's head and we hear about meetings which went well into the night. If our intell is correct that he is blocking deliveries at least we know that the world is responding. Under the circumstances of intense secrecy and cover stories being thrown like confetti (which originate with the ABC boys and BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA themselves) all we can do is what we always do that being to get at and report truth to the best of our ability.
Yesterday we heard that some peoples health was dramatically and negatively affected by our posting such a heart wrenching report. As we have said many times before, those who can't handle this terrible roller coaster ride should preserve their health and dismount. As we have also said before, we see our job as reporting truth to the best of our ability, not changing the intell to suit the perceived sensibilities of thousands of different readers. Our goal has always been to help not hurt readers. If you think we should remain quiet in the face of bad news please let us know. This is not an enjoyable task and we would just as soon be rid of it.  So if you have an opinion to share please send it to Fourwinds and it will find its way to us.
The Sunday STORY update is very important reading. He describes what they are doing and what they are planning to do with taxpayer funds and insurance (govt guarantees). Written two days prior to GEITHNERS speech Tuesday he foretells exactly what GEITHNER would say i.e. status quo, business as usual, save the existing corrupt system including the securitization process. He (Geithner) was very clear and in your face. He, Treasury and the FED with the help of Congress are going to use taxpayer funds and liabilities to save the status quo no matter how many Trillions they must add to the nations debt, no matter how much debt service. Coupled with the stimulus it is nothing more than a forced taking and redistribution of wealth to their friends. It borders on Communism.. It's a shell game, a con game, a way to transfer the banks toxic crap onto the people via Government guarantees. STORY explains all this very well so please read if you care to know how the CONGRESS and the BANKS intend to continue the hatchet job on the American people. There is one very major difference in our view vs his. He continues to portray OBAMA as the mislead victim of his handlers all of which are Illuminati and appointed by him. WE believe OBAMA is the leader and knows exactly what he is doing which is to protect the status quo at any cost, fool the people and block the deliveries. There are many sources who disagree saying that neither he or BUSH or CLINTON can influence deliveries. If they are correct where are the deliveries?
More when available.
                        casper  2-11-09