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As mentioned in the last update the activity at CITI is not "our" funds and is not affecting "our" deliveries. The urgent weekend update from STORY on this subject poses no threat to us. The 14T located there did not actually leave the bank. The paperwork necessary to the movement of that money did move, but the money movement itself was stopped and any attempt to use that money as collateral for trades was also stopped. WE hear GREENSPAN was finally detained Sunday afternoon rather than the 13th or 15th as mentioned in the STORY update.
The payoff of 250M each to the Government Mafia members has also been stopped. Sorry boys, you will have to be content with your normal looting activities.
Tax receipts on our funding have been escrowed for many years and added to as amounts grew and time passed. The IRS has tried unsuccessfully for years to steal these funds. Think about this friends, while Trillions lay dormant and available to them immediately upon funding they instead rob and pillage current and future generations of taxpayers via bailouts, stimulus, etc. rather than use this debt free money and while doing it they were each fully aware of the availability of the tax receipts. Therefore, their financing schemes adding trillions to the debt enslavement of the people has been intentional while they simultaneously tried over and over again to steal our funding for themselves. 
Deliveries are more imminent than ever before.
                 casper   2-9-09   a.m.